Stolen Tea

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Cofftea said

If a friend has some that’s good, I tell them I’m stealing some.:) They do the same to me.

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AJ said

I thought I’d revive this thread because last week, at work, I found a discarded half-empty package of Rose Tea in the kids boys clothing section of my department. They hadn’t even bothered to take all the contents! Only about half, and the person must have had sharp nails, and stolen the contents very violently, because a teabag or two in the middle (closest to where the missing teabags would have been) were punctured and ripped.

It actually made me a little sad, because the rest of the contents would just be going in the garbage now.

Lori said

Such an odd crime…

Ewa select said

That sounds like the work of a TEA ADDICT ON THE EDGE. You don’t know what s/he’ll do next!

AJ said


Lock up your tea!

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i’ve been guilty of swiping tea now and again. i mean, i don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. it’s an unusual compliment to a tea company, i think, when i steal from them.

lately, i’ve been drinking a lot of flavored teas, so if you find a few bags of superraspberry tropical surprise missing, it was me.

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Lynxiebrat said

When I was in my teens I had a ‘mild’ shoplifting habit. (It was mild only that when I got caught, and begged the store manager not to call the cops, he didn’t and that was my last time with little temptation to do it again.) though it wasn’t tea, it was small stuff like jewelry, (Rite Aid stuff. Not the fancy stuff at a jewelry store.) candy, books, and cds.

Up until 2006, (Maybe karma?) I worked at a Big Lots and would find at least once a week, stashed items, half empty boxes, bottles and packages. The most amusing one to me was the ones missing underwear. It was funny to me because it was pretty cheap to begin with, though now have an better understanding that for someone who has extremely little, even a couple of bucks is alot. Ahh the arrogance of youth.

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There is also symbolic theft by threat.
Me: “This teas is so good I am going to have to steal some!”
Friend: “Let me fine a baggie and I will send some home with you.”

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forsythia said

I’m too much of a wimp to try and seal anything; but if I was really desperate who knows what I may do. Eh, I doubt it, but I’d ask the manager if I could sweep floors that night for some. Thank God I’ve never experienced what so many others go through every day.

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