Number of free samples companies give with each order

How many free samples do you get with your orders and from what companies?

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Zack S. said

This practice is pretty much industry standard. I find it pretty rare that a tea company does NOT offer a free sample with every order. If you’re going to make a list, I suggest you list next to the company if they offer more than one sample per order. For example, Yezi and Davids both send 3 per order.

I’ve run into a couple that didn’t give any samples at all. I can just indicate how many are usually included.

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nannuoshan said does include free samples with every order.
You can always choose free samples with your orders and, if you don’t, we’ll do it for you.
And you can even just “buy” free samples, up to three, paying only 5 euro shipping cost, worldwide.

How many?

nannuoshan said

The official rule is: no more than 3 samples every 120 days. However, we are much more generous. The rule is there only to protect ourselves against misuse (persons ordering only free samples on a regular basis).

As a matter of fact, three samples with every order is normal. For example for our last order the customer ordered 3 free samples and we added a 4th, matching the others.

Our shop is based on trust and mutual respect. As long as the customer is not misusing our offer and understand our efforts there are no limits to free samples.

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Sadly, it’s been pretty rough at WP, so I had to stop giving free samples. I plan on reintroducing it in early 2015, where it’ll be one 1/4oz sample with every order.

Eventually I want to offer a free ounce of tea with every order, but it’ll be a while before i get there :-)

I can’t wait until 2015 so I can have some money to make my first order from you in general, free sample or none. But I want to wait until more has been restocked, and until I have enough money that it doesn’t take away grocery money. :-D I always appreciate companies who offer little freebies, as trying more is how I learn what I like…but I always consider it a generosity.

So much is going to be restocked soon! :-) Looking forward to blending some tea for you!

Zack S. said

Is this restock going to include Rivendell or Sleeping Bear?

Rivendell, yes, Sleeping Bear will be later in the spring. Top-secret news: Portland was full of mold and sickness so I decided to move back to Michigan ;-)

Pine needles taste better from Michigan anyways. ;)

I completely agree, and also the fact that there was no white pine where I lived made it a bit hard to harvest for me ;-)

Kat said

That’s exciting news. I’ve been sooooo interested in the Sleeping Bear blend. Because pine needles.

I absolutely LOVE the SBB. I really just wish it wasn’t so hard to process the pine. But, it’s totally worth it :-)

OMGsrsly said

I really expected it to taste more like chewing on the needles, but it’s so much more than that.

OMGsrsly, you had one of the newer batches, right? I started lightly roasting the pine and it brings a whole new dimension to the blend. AHH now I want some! haha

OMGsrsly said

I think so. Sil passed it on to me to share. :) I really enjoyed it.

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yyz said

Most tea companies I’ve bought from have given me free samples. The exceptions tend to occur during hugely discounted sales and if free shipping promotions. I’ve received the most generous samples from Capital Tea ltd ( who always give me a minimum of 20g if tea), Zen tea, and Yunnan Sourcing. Mandala’s sample was very generous as well.

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boychik said

Mandala usually gives 2 to me. And they are great and never repeats.

Verdant tea included 1 with my last order.

Yunnan Sourcing 1-2 , but very rarely none. Their samples are 25g each.

H&S -3. Always sachet style, usually English Breakfast and Hot Cinnamon Spice.

My last Crimson Lotus Tea had 25g sample. Very nice surprise concidering I placed a small order.

White2tea always includes a sample of quite expensive teas
My last order fr Zen Tea had no sample. I used to get 1 before.

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What-Cha said

I don’t have a fixed rule with how many free samples I give, but try and make it commensurate with the order size and how much discount the order is getting. I may not necessarily give more free samples with a larger order but I would give with a higher probability more expensive samples.

My personal belief is that the fun of free samples is that they are like a gift which is best enjoyed when they are unexpected and you don’t know what your getting.

boychik said

Agree. I also would like to add I really really like when company takes a little time and gives me a sample I’d love to try. If I order puerh or Yunnan black and get green jasmine or coconut herbal as a sample it’s like nobody cares what you like.

What-Cha said

Definitely, I always try and look through people’s order and past orders to see if I can discern preferences (greens, white, oolongs, blacks) and give a free sample of a kind of tea that it appears they prefer, while trying to pick out a region they haven’t ordered from so they can try something different.

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yyz said

PureAroma advertises three free samples per order.

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Sara said

From orders that I can remember:

Culinary Teas: 2 free samples (about 2 teaspoons each)
David’s Tea: 3 free samples (about 2 teaspoons each)
Kusmi: 2 free samples (both single teabags, though the website claims to include 3 samples with each order)
Tea Guys: 1 free sample (about 3 or 4 teaspoons and a filter bag)
Tiesta Teas: 1 free sample (a big one – about 6 teaspoons)
Harney & Sons: 2 free samples (individually wrapped teabags)
Golden Moon Tea: 0 samples :(
Della Terra: 0 samples :(
Tealux/Tealyra: 0 samples :(
Art of Tea: 0 samples :(
Tea Chai Te: 0 samples :(

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse sent a free sample with my first order, and a free sample with the replacement tea they sent after sending me an incorrect product, but did not include a sample with my most recent order.

That’s all that comes to mind right now!

I’ve always gotten 3 sample sachets from Kusmi. I’m sorry to hear you only got two!

Ubacat said

Yeah, Tealux never gives free samples but they sell most of their teas in small/or sample size. Still— I don’t like it and have let them know. Otherwise love ordering from Tealux.

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Octavia Tea included three samples with my Black Friday order, each about enough leaf for two cups. Not sure if that is the regular policy. Also based on what I had ordered it seemed like they were fairly thoughtful with which samples they included, and they weren’t just totally random ones.

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OMGsrsly said

Let’s put this in the right spot!

The couple Teavana orders I’ve done have had the chai blend with sugar pre-mixed into it as a sample. I wasn’t too impressed.

Nothing from Tealux, although I’ll order from them again.
Nothing from Della Terra, but I can’t order from them again due to more severe gluten intolerance.
DavidsTea is fun if you order right before a release, but they are random.

AllanK said

All of Della Terra’s teas contain gluten? That is most unusual or do they have bad controls and contaminate their product?

OMGsrsly said

Some of their teas contain gluten, and they have a disclaimer that says “add ins may change without warning” or something like that. So I choose to not risk it. It’s not worth it for me, when I can get awesome teas elsewhere without worrying.

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