Designated Steepster Chat Times

I love the unofficial steepster chat on Chatsy. However, I would be more active if it wasn’t so dead whenever I want to gab about tea (Which is all of my free time.)

What do you all think about setting up Virtual Tea Gathering times? I know we all live in different time zones, but if there was a 2-3 hour stretch maybe 3-4 times a day where people logged on and finally had someone besides themselves to talk to?

Anyone who is on chat often enough know about what time a few people are on regularly?

Gimme your ideas, thoughts, anecdotes!!

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cookies said

It’s generally pretty active weekdays during typical work hours Eastern & Central times. If you’re in there and there’s nobody around, you can always bump the chat thread to the top. That usually gets a bunch of people to pop in.

I’d be bumping it ALL THE TIME.

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I know a lot of other peeps on steepster don’t have 9-5 office jobs. I would kill to be on a computer with chat in the background while I work! The weekends are so sad too :(

What about a morning chat-in at like 7-9 central time?
Lunch Chat-in at 11-2 c?
Dinner chat 4-7 central
Late night 9pm – 12am central?

(My time zone is Mountain Standard time, which is 1hr behind Central. Central sounds better because it’s … more centrally located between time zones than mine.)

Eh, I just want people to join chat more! Especially on the weekends.

I’ll agree to check in at the last three time groups. Probably moreso the middle two. I do like chatting but I always just assume no one will be there.

I’d probably only be on in the last group. I’m typically only on the internet in general after 6pm Pacific time except on weekends. It’s pretty dead by that time, so I don’t even try anymore with the chat. =(

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There’s a pretty active group of us, myself included, weekdays in the mornings and into the early afternoon. I’d say about 10:00AM to around 2:00PM is most active, with a very consistent group of people (and sometimes others) staying.

For the record I’m in Central Standard Time…

I agree that bumping the chat thread does help too though!

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There are four people in chat.

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Lilysmom said

How do you find chat or go in? I have never noticed any links…

It’s in a sticky post at the top of the forum.

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