Specil Offer - Special Opportunity

88-pages of the most valuable tea blending information in the industry. Used in educating, training, and certifying ITMA Certified Tea Blenders™. On sale for US$195.


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AllanK said

A bit pricy for an e book even if it is useful to some. I have no plans of blending my own tea so I am not going to spend that kind of cash.

AllanK, It’s not an eBook. It’s a hardcopy training manual. Further, if you have no intention of doing your own blending, I fail to understand why you took the effort to inject your commentary. Blessings, Chas Kroll.

Didn’t sound sleazy to me. Sounds perfectly reasonable.

Edit: Still seems an unnecessarily rude response, even with the word sleazy removed.

cookies said

AllanK’s comment didn’t seem sleazy in the least. The response, however, was quite unnecessarily harsh.

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