Mark Ross said

Yixing Teapot Help

Hi, everyone! My brother got me my first Yixing teapot for Christmas, and I’m very excited to try it out! I do have a question about seasoning it, though.
There seem to be many, many ways to season a Yixing pot. Most involve boiling for some amount of time, and many others involve boiling it again in a weak tea infusion (though some say to instead just make several pots of tea and throw the first one out).
What, in your experience, is the best way to season a Yixing teapot? Have you tried multiple ways?
(I’ll be using oolong in this pot—mainly Iron Goddess of Mercy—if that helps)

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Dexter said
I have several and this is the video/advice that seemed the most sensible to me.
I like the thought of using a good quality tea, investment in the future.
I don’t like the idea of “boiling it in tea”. I would never boil tea, so why would I put my pot in tea that I wouldn’t drink.
Everyone has their own opinions, and I am certainly NOT AN EXPERT – but that video worked for me and so that’s how I keep doing it.
I put a cloth in the pot of water that I simmer it in – it helps keep the yixing from bouncing around in the bubbles. That’s the only other thing that I do.
What ever method you choose. I hope you enjoy your new pot. :))

Shae said

What an interesting video to watch – thanks for sharing!

Dexter said

Glad you enjoyed it. Like I said – I just think he explains really well WHY he’s doing it that way, and for me his explanations just made sense. :))

Tealizzy said

I agree, that was a good video. Just bookmarked it for when I get my first yixing!

Ubacat said

If you do use a cloth be sure there are no scented bounce or laundry detergent smells or that will get transferred to the pot.

AllanK said

Very good video. I do boil my pots in tea, most of the time. Although one teapot seller from Texas recommended just brewing several rounds of tea in your tea and then said you were ready to go.

Mark Ross said

Thanks—that helps a lot! Seems like the best way to do it. I was going to get the tea for seasoning today, but an unexpected snowstorm hit, so I’ll have to wait.

Thanks for recommending David’s video, Dexter! Mark – if you have any questions that I might be able to help with, just let me know or send a PM. We’ve seasoned about 8 pots in the last year in our own collection (obsession? we just love beautiful pots!) and helping out friends and family with lots of different set ups, so if there’s any advice I can give, I am always happy to help.

boychik said

i season my Yixing by Davids method only. i put paper towels

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Ubacat said

Here’s the thread I started a few months ago on alternative methods to the boiling one above.

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Lumpkin said

For yixing teapot, not good to brew Iron Goddess of Mercy, I recommend Puer tea or black tea!

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