Stackable Tea Tins - Adagio vs The Tea Spot?


I am looking for 4oz tea tins that are airtight but that also stack well. Has anyone tried the Adagio tins or the ones from the Tea Spot below?

The Adagio one seems airtight but several reviews say that they don’t stack well. I found no reviews for the Tea Spot tins so not sure how sturdy the stacking will be. Also, the website says “Tight-fitting inner lid”, does that mean airtight?

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I can confirm that the Adagio tins do not stack well; I knock mine over all the time. They do seal tightly though so I love them for that.

I guess the reviews were right, Adagio is out.

I emailed the Tea spot shortly after seeing your reply and they just replied back: “Our tins do seal airtight, and are designed to stack well on top of each other. Please feel free to call me at 303-444-8324 or email me here if there is anything I can help you with.”

The Tea Spot tins seem to be the best option so I will order them.

Thanks you:)

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AllanK said

The four ounce tins from Simpson and Vail stack reasonably well.

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I know the Harney & Sons tins are also popular around here.

They are beautiful and only 1$! Are they airtight? because from the pic it seems like a normal tin lid.

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Cheri select said

I have some of the Tea Spot ones. They are air tight and stack very well.

I also have some of these:

They are also airtight and very stackable. They’re very inexpensive, but the shipping is not. I ordered a whole bunch to make it worthwhile.

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