iadoraTEA said

Organizing drinking habits?

I’m a bit ocd… in a playful way and I’m amassing quite a tea collection which makes it a little overwhelming to decide what tea to drink I wind up looking thru my stash for sometimes 10 min!

How do you organize your drinking habits? Certain types depending on the time of day? Do you drink your everyday teas durning the day and mix it up at night??

Just curious…

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I totally know your pain!

I try and put teas I need to drink down in front of my shelf so that they are very visible. I noticed teas in that spot I drink down instead of forget.

Always a good idea to date your teas when you get them, that way you know how long you’ve had it.

Sil select said

Yes to this… i have a spreadsheet so i know how old things are, that i check every now and then and make a point to drink the older teas at least a couple times a week.

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I am a bit shocked when I see how regimented I can be about tea drinking. It doesn’t even seem fun to an outsider, I am sure. I drink black teas before 2, everything else later on in the day. I try to have at least one cup of two samples I am trying to use up and two cups of full sized teas I am trying to use up. If I have any iced tea made, I try to have a big glass of that too. Frequently I have even more teas sitting on the counter that I am trying to get through.

For me though, trying to get through teas doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I give away or throw away anything I don’t like. They are usually just old and at risk of getting stale, and I am trying to get all my teas to fit into designated cabinets. I have a long ways to go. :) It is a quite enjoyable challenge though.

Actually, I was just writing a “yay first year on steepster” blog post where I discussed my organization a little and my stash control plan. If anyone is curious or wants to see pictures – it isn’t particularly complicated or interesting. I long for more space to do it all a bit better. http://myliferevamp.blogspot.com/

iadoraTEA said

I enjoyed reading your post, love that little tea pot!

Thank you – I do too. :) I am so glad to have found it. Simple, cute, practical.

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I made a Google doc of all of my teas, and I try to drink as many different teas in my stash as possible each month. My favorite teas I drink more than once a month, but this keeps me from drinking the same teas over and over again (which I’m prone to do).

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I try to drink the oldest ones first, especially if they are green teas because they suffer the most as time passes.

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Uniquity said

I used to try to be organized about it, to be practical. No more! I store them in an orderly manner – at home they are kept in an old three drawer dresser in tins and original packaging. The top is black/puerh (used frequently). The middle is herbals (next frequently). The bottom is everything else (hardly ever). This way it is easier to find what I want, and also to say “Hmm, I’m in the mood for a black” (which I usually am) and then look at what is available. At work, I have all my teas in a basket, but there are only one or two dozen so I know what’s here and decide accordingly. I rarely drink the old stuff, and occasionally I toss some of it if neither I nor my husband will drink it. He likes different things though, and slowly takes them away to his work. I like it – it’s a self-cleaning system. :)

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