Steepster Bug Status Thread

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When I click the “report anything inappropriate” link which points to “” I am redirected to this page:
Doesn’t seem right.

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looseTman said

What’s up with Steepster?
I can’t access anything from the “Teas” link or my PMs.
Currently, the dashboard and Discussions work.

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Prangon said

I am trying to upload my tea images to teas, but failing. Does not show any warning or other messages.

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Not too sure if this is where I should post this, but a lot of the time when I try to update my account picture, it turns the picture the wrong way. I’ll upload a vertical shot but it shows up turned counter-clockwise 90 degrees, so the picture is on its side.

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Burbling said

The issue Tea for Steve mentioned is still happening. I tried to report some of the weird spam on the discussion page right now, and got the same redirect. This page has the message “Sorry, the community that you’re looking for has been retired and is no longer available. If you need help, please contact the company you’re looking for directly.”

I’m using Chrome version 62 on a 64 bit desktop.

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Hello, the bug I reported 3 years ago is still present, but I do not see it on the list of acknowledged bugs.

PROBLEM: Clicking on the link from a user’s Tea Rating page goes to the tea’s main page, NOT that user’s tasting note. (See – third post)

This bug is the reason I stopped using Steepster, as it makes it difficult to access: 1) my own past notes on a particular tea, 2) information from specific users who I know have taste similar to mine.

A database is not useful if you can’t easily retrieve the information that is put into it. Please consider at least adding this bug to your list of future fixes.

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AllanK said

Does anyone know why Steepster was down for 48 hours the other day? Did it have something to do with the storm?

Jason admin said

Hey Allan, sorry I wasn’t better about sending out a status update. The outage was because Amazon (where steepster is hosted) was doing some maintenance related to the Intel vulnerability that has been found recently. That caused some of Steepster to be unavailable for that period while Amazon did rolling updates across their servers. It was resolved Friday night.

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