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Newly created teas are never showing up in a search. Even weeks later. I think I added this one a while ago, and it doesn’t come up in the search. I have to sort by the newly added teas for Lupicia teas for this one to show up. This has always happened, or has been for years now, I guess I’m just mentioning it now. But if newly added teas aren’t showing up in the search, people might start adding double or triples of the same tea.

Weird, that one is showing up for me in the search.

Jason admin said

Hmm, I’m seeing it in the search too:

Maybe the results are cached in your browser? Does it show up if you clear your browser cache?

I see ratatam in the search bar too, and then I have to click down, but I guess I’m saying if I just type ratatam and hit enter, it says there are no results on the next page. So I guess it will work as long as I click down to the correct tea and not just hit enter to see the ’we’re not familiar with that tea yet’ page. And I’ve definitely cleared my browser at least a couple times since I added ratatam.

If I type “ratatam” and press enter, it does have the one result on the following page.

hmm.. Cameron can you try this with a tea you have recently added?

Jason admin said

Yea, ratatam shows up on the search results page for me too.

It’s definitely possible that there could be a lag between when a tea is added and when it is indexed so that it can appear in search results. But usually that should happen on the scale of minutes/hour rather than days.

I don’t know what is happening then. Like I said, this is not the first tea that this happened with.

Jason admin said

Yea, hard to say. I guess keep an eye on it and if you see another example feel free to send it my way.

derk said

Addresses containing all caps do not fully link. Example:

Related to that, it seems like usernames are not case-sensitive. Like I can type in my username address in any combination of lower or uppercase and still get to the same page.

But I came across a page recently while browsing spam accounts: (doesn’t fully link because all uppercase)

that links to a spam account, while the all lowercase fully links to Steepsters ‘About’ page. Two different pages for what is the same address.

Error 503 first byte timeout
first byte timeout
Guru Mediation:
Details: cache-mdw17353-MDW 1548008534 1894337000
Varnish cache server
I’m getting this page a lot when I’m trying to access my messages page. This has been happening for a few days, before and after I deleted the internet history. I have to refresh the page a few times to get it to work.

derk said

I’ve been getting this, too, on the messages, explore and recent pages only.

Jason admin said

Yea, looks like a number of the pages are currently slow. We’ll take a look.

I have not been able to get to “explore” in several weeks. Error message, or black screen that something went wrong.

Not really a bug.. but I was wondering what to do if there are duplicates/ multiples of the same tea in the system? Should there be a forum thread just for people to list links of the same teas, so they can eventually be combined? Not a high priority thing, so I also don’t want to send a billion e-mails about it.

Jason admin said

Right now people have been emailing them to me. Since I can’t fix them at the moment, I’m just saving them until I can fix them again. Personally I prefer this because then there isn’t another discussion thread cluttering the list that isn’t very useful for most people. But, people do need to know that they can send me the duplicates…

Then you might have many people sending you messages about the same duplicates until they can be fixed. But I understand about not wanting another thread for it.

Jason admin said

I’m generally fine with that because I can just archive them quickly to save for later. But yea, I could definitely have duplicate reports of duplicates :)

uh oh. duplicates of the duplicates! haha. Thanks again, Jason.

mrmopar said

I am having problems with the discussion page. I can’t get it to load for me.

Yep, I have also been having problems with the discussion page for the last couple days.

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