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My friend toddashi (Todd) can’t access his PM box from within Steepster at all. He set up his notifications to get a notification if he gets a PM, and he does get the e-mails. If he clicks the “direct link” in his notification e-mail, that will load the PM window so he can reply, but otherwise he can’t click on the PM interface within Steepster to send PMs. So basically he can reply to someone, but can’t start a PM chain.

Angii said

I am unable to login to any other computer besides the one I joined this site on because of the autologin.

Any other computer gives me a 503 error. I tried emailing about it but got an auto reply that I probably won’t get an email back. This is my work computer and I’d really like to login on my home computer.

The admins have pretty much abandoned this site and aren’t doing anything to provide support or fix the stupid 503 errors… it’s really annoying. It’s been radio silence from them for months and months. On your work computer, clear your browser’s history/cache/cookies and that should force you to be in a “logged out” state. You may still have issues logging in at home because of the 503 errors, I’ve had that problem too, particularly using the “log in” box. Did you happen to use the same e-mail for your account as, say, your main Gmail account? I did, so instead of using the “log in” box I clicked the “Log in with Google” option and was able to get into my account that way instead as a “work around” from the 503s.

Shae said

There are posts on the Steepster Facebook page fairly often. I wonder why they are there and not here?

Clicking on the ‘review this tea’ button sometimes does not let the popup black window work, even if I click many many times and hit the F5 key to refresh the page, meaning I can’t leave tasting notes…. which is a problem…

Kittenna said

I have this issue sometimes, but it usually resolves if I reload the page and try again.

Can anyone else access Dustin’s tasting notes? The page is just displaying as HTML markup when I try…

Kittenna said

Same :/

Kittenna said

Ok really weird; make the capital Ds into lowercase and it works.

Kittenna said

My page works fine whether lower or uppercase.

The way it is linked off my Friends page has the uppercase letters and is giving me the markup; I’m so far behind reading tasting notes that lately I just go directly into folk’s user page and don’t use my dash anymore. I guess I’ll have to manually change it to the lowercase to get it to display since we can’t expect much to get fixed around here these days, thanks for the tip!

Dustin said

How strange! I can see them, but I can’t get the page for Lupicia’s Cookie tea to load properly. I cleared my cache. I recall this issue happening in the past and that there was a simple fix, but I don’t remember it right now.

Dustin said

Ha HA! I found the chat about the fix for the weird page loading thing! Click edit on the tea profile and then save the info on the edit page, then it loads like normal.
No idea how to fix not being able to see my tasting notes. :/

I can’t delete or change broken (lost) pictures:

Shae said

I agree, this would be nice to do.

JR said

I created an account yesterday, but cannot login again.
I just get this message:

Error 503 first byte timeout

first byte timeout
Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-iad2136-IAD 1574701215 1755152663

Varnish cache server

thank you

I’d say those 503 timeouts have been happening for the better part of a year now and no one with any authority has shown they are going to do anything about it. The only way I’m able to log in around that error was by linking my Google account to my account here and using the Google login instead of the normal username/password login box.

SnowCat said

I recommended this site to two friends and neither can log it. I’m only logged in on my phone and it’s frustrating.

Shae said

Does anyone know how to remove old pictures from the tea pages? Some of the links I guess are no longer valid but anytime I try to add a new one it just pops it into the additional pictures section instead of changing the original.

Nope. This has been driving me crazy since I joined the site.

Shae said

Same! Wish there was a fix.

Some Steepsterers are still having problems. SkySamurai is unable to post replies in the forums… only start threads. This is odd since SkySamurai has been on Steepster for years and I thought some of these problems were due to some people being new members of Steepster? I guess not. Fat chance of a reply to this, but I’ll never give up on Steepster… I do appreciate whatever behind the scenes work has been happening…

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