Lion select said

Live chat about tea?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there are any good chat rooms to discuss tea… or maybe are there any people out there who would want to instant message on skype or yahoo messenger or something of that type?

It sounds kind of old school, haha. But sometimes being able to have a live conversation is much more rewarding than writing delayed messages back and forth on forums and such.

I’m mostly interested in Gongfu and traditional Japanese styles of brewing, so my tea interests are mostly for straight artisan teas. I don’t really drink flavored teas and tisane blends much. The best thing of course would be if I knew some more tea folks in my area to meet and talk with over tea, but it is tricky to find the people who are interested in that. I know a couple in my city (Kansas City) and would like to find more, but tea seems to be a niche interest, and within that niche there are even more niches. Some people take interest in Asian styles of brewing, others in Western, others in quite casual ways, others in all of the above. It can be hard to get good conversation rolling if your main interests in tea differ.

Any ideas for how to branch out socially with tea folks and not have to rely on internet forums?

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Jason admin said

Here’s the live chat room some Steepster users have setup:

Depending on who is on right now, they might be able to give you some help.

Otherwise, I bet people here might be willing to have a conversation with you on hangouts/IM/skype/etc to give some advice.

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Lion select said

Thanks for the reply, Jason. I will check that out soon!

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oGH04 said

i think trader joes makes a tea-sampler, for peeps on the west coast, good nuff

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