Min River is closing!

So I decided to look through Min River’s catalog to look for one of their tea bottles, and I discovered that they are CLOSING for good on the 15th! Has anyone tried their teas? What a shame, this company looks so great.

On another note, shipping is free, and a handful of their teas are highly marked down!


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Nicole said

Noooo!!!! Their Jin Jun Mei is some of the best I’ve ever had. I just can’t drink it fast enough to justify getting more before they close up shop. :(

Wanna split? It’s been in my cart and I was hemming and hawing about getting it.

Nicole said

Oh, sure. I have no willpower:)


hehe, I just placed an order. I’ll keep you updated!

Nicole said

Sounds good. :)

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Well, that’s too bad, their green teas were really tasty…

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