How do most people here perceive flavored teas?

Are they fake? Are they lower quality? Are they necessary? Are they fantastic? Are they an insult to good tea?

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Personally, I’m not a big fan. But I realize people’s tastes are different and if you like flavored tea go ahead and drink them.

My thoughts are that flavoring a good tea is like flavoring a good wine. Why ruin the pure taste of it?

Hence, teas that are to be flavored are usually not that good to begin with. The same can be said about tea blended with other ingredients.

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Anlina said

I really appreciate straight teas, and all the variation and complexity that exists within them. And I still love flavoured teas – some of my reliable favourites are flavoured.

I think often times, low quality tea is used as a base for flavoured blends, with the assumption that the flavours will cover up the lack of quality, but this is far from always the case. I’ve had many really excellent flavoured teas, where the base and the flavourings really work together.

This basically sums me up too! Flavoured teas can be great, especially (for me) when I have a craving for something sweet or fruity but want to avoid sugary drinks etc.

Unflavoured teas, I think, are my preference. But I certainly appreciate good flavoured blends :-)

Nattie said

+1 again. Just because lower quality tea is sometimes used in flavoured blends, it doesn’t mean they always are. Some utilise really good bases.

If a flavoured tea has a good base, I like to resteep the leaves (:

Lindsay said

+1 This exactly.

Amoda said

+1 Our thoughts as well. I think a company like Butiki exemplifies what you’re saying. They use top quality base teas and it makes a HUGE difference in their flavoured teas, in my opinion.

(ok, posting in these threads is super addictive… I get it now)

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MzPriss said

Not a fan of flavored with a couple of exceptions – namely a really good Earl Grey and something like real vanilla beans. Not a fan at all of “flavoring agents”.

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SarsyPie said

I generally think that unflavored tea has enough interest, all on its own. But I do enjoy some flavored or blended teas. Some may be low quality, but certainly not all.

Why do you ask? Does it really matter what the rest of us think, if you like them? Just curious. :)

+1. On this! Who cares? As long as it makes you smile all the while, it’s good. It’s the emotional connection that makes people fall in love with a certain tea. What others think of you and your favorite tea is none of your business, and really, doesn’t affect that relationship you have with a certain tea, blended, flavored, straight or not.

SarsyPie said

I definitely have emotional connections to some teas, and certain teas bring up some interesting memories. Maybe it’s because so many memories are tied to aromas and foods. And even unflavored teas smell so “foody” sometimes – chocolates, fruits, malty baked things, etc.

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Inkling said

It all depends on my mood…I like to keep a good variety of both flavored and unflavored teas on hand so I have lots of options for different situations.

Ost said

I’m in the same boat as you! (:

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I like them, but I have more unflavoured teas in my cupboard now.

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TreeGal said

I have more flavored teas, as I’m really trying to kick the soda habit. Sometimes a flavored tea makes a nicer “sodalike” stand in to my taste buds. However, I still love a great unflavored tea. The other big catch for me is that I have been medically advised to either shun all caffeine (funny joke, eh?) or to have very little, so I tend to opt for decaf teas when they are available. Herbals are iffy with me, so I’ll go for a black or green decaf when I can, and will choose something flavored to help me dodge the flatness that seems inevitable with decaf.

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I find that I have become more and more picky about flavored teas as my tea journey has continued on. I still appreciate the good ones and keep a few in my cupboard, but the majority of the teas I drink now are unflavored.

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I generally prefer unflavored tea but have no issues with flavored. For me it is like drinking good wine, but sometimes I just crave a champagne or Fireball.

I’ve had many excellent flavored teas that utilize a quality base. You learn quick enough which companies are using cheap base tea, though in the end it all boils down to drinking what you like. No shame in flavored teas. :)

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M said

I love a fun flavour, so long as it doesn’t come with a bad quality base tea. I feel like it adds something interesting. That being said, I wouldn’t drink a flavoured tea in the morning when I’m fighting to stay awake, so my tea of choice really depends on the time of day. I also find it fun to seek out seasonal teas that contain ingredients such as apple and cinnamon in the fall, or peppermint and chocolate in the winter, etc. Some of these are strongly linked to happy memories for me, so I’ll keep them around regardless of what more objective tea drinkers would think of them.

That’s true for me too, regarding happy memories. I still brew Bigelow Earl Grey tea bags every once in a while. :)

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