Top 10 Favorite Teas from 52Teas?

Hi Everyone!

Well, you’re probably a little tired of hearing from me by now, right?

Sorry about that. Yeah, I’m long winded.

Anyway … As I’m working on my Kickstarter campaign – which I want to get posted in the next couple of days – so time is of the essence for your list for me! Anyway, as I’m working on it, one of the incentives is going to be a sampler package of the top reblends from 52Teas.

So, I’m asking you: what are your 10 favorite teas from 52Teas. Or … what about the top 10 you’d like to see available again (or mix and match!)

The ‘winning’ teas will be part of the sampler!

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Oh, I’ll definitely be getting back to you on this. :D

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Link to all of them (er, more or less):

Thanks! I should have done that!

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Please, please, please, please bring back Graveyard Mist. _ It’s the one good tasting tea that I can drink when I’m sick. Also, any genmaicha is great! Especially the ones with marshmallow leaf/root in them.

I second this! Graveyard Mist was and still is my favorite tea. I have been searching for a substitute for a long time.

Ag select said

Seconded. I rather liked Graveyard Mist for studying. Also the Browncoat Genmaicha.

Nattie said

Yes! Graveyard Mist is my favourite.

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Jillian said

Butterbeer for sure!

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Ditto on the Graveyard Mist. I’d also like to see Hindbaersnitter Shou Mei remade, since I’ve discovered that stuff is addictive. And Pomegranate Green as well?

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Sara said

Pancake Breakfast, Cinnamon Roll Honeybush, Mayan Chocolate Pu-erh, Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush, and Smoky Chocolate were some of my favorites! I also really loved the Tomato, Basil, and Black Pepper blend, which I recall was your idea. That’s the only tea I’ve ever ordered more than one package of from 52Teas, so I’d love to see that reblended, and for you to explore more savory teas like that as I bet you have great ideas in that area!

And they’ve never been available when I’ve checked, but I’ve always really wanted to try the Mayan Chocolate Chai and the Smoky Bacon.

Sneak Peek on one of May’s blends (May 25th to be exact, since it’s going to be right before my birthday): Tomato, Basil, Black Pepper and Cucumber Green Tea with Tulsi. My answer to salad, hot tea style.

Sara said

YES, that sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to try it. :)

Exidy said

I used to add the Smoky Chocolate to the Smores Genmaicha. So much better than the Smores Genmaicha by itself, which really wasn’t smoky enough for me.

beelicious said

Sara, I’ve got Mayan chocolate chai. PM me if you’d be interested in a swap :)

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Ost said

I haven’t tried many 52Teas that I liked. Feel like I have ended up with a lot of honeybush ones, which never seen quite right to me. Hope that when you do them, you can find a flavor or something to cover up the honeybush better.
The two teas that I did really like were: Butterscotch Banana Black (though it was so easy to over steep and make bitter, so was kinda annoying xD)
And I loved loved loved Maple Cheesecake Ti Kwan Yin! That tea was a freakin’ masterpiece! I have been wanting them to make it again for forever! I seriously would buy so many packs of it. Though would be annoying since the packs are so small now..xD But seriously, I’d just buy it all. I loved it so so much.
Feel like the oolong base really made it good too. Please consider remaking it!!!! :D

For reblends, I’ve decided that they’d only be available in 2 ounce sizes. My thinking is that generally, if a tea has been requested as a reblend, that person likes that tea enough to have more than 1/2 an ounce of it.

The one exception to that will be the fifth Monday/Retro Monday reblends – because those will actually be a tea of the week, I will offer them in the Tea Taster size (1/2 ounce) as well as a limited availability of the 2 ounce size.

Ost said

I definitely would buy a few ounces of that tea if you brought it back. Would probably buy a lot of it if it was available again. xD Like I’m so in love with it-haha! I really hope it comes back!

Kat said

I haven’t tried any 52teas honestly, but I really want to try the maple cheesecake ti kwan yin. Throwing that out there.

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I never got to try Tomato, Basil, and Black pepper or Witches Brew Chai :( I would love to see them again!

I have some Witches Brew Chai I can put in the box I have for you.

Marzipan, you are amazing!

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Tealizzy said

I really liked hot buttered banana bread black tea. We seriously need more banana bread teas and that one was yummy!

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OMGsrsly said

Malted choco-mate. One of the only mate teas that I’ve liked, actually. But I didn’t like the reblend I got as much and I’m not entirely sure why. I think the flavour was quite muted.

I would like a different honeybush base for those teas. I love flavoured honeybush and rooibos, but I have to be careful as honeybush can taste really sour and rooibos suuuuper woody.

How are you preparing the honeybush? I find that if I steep it at 195°F rather than boiling water, I don’t get that sour taste. I steep it for 10 minutes at 195°F.

OMGsrsly said

I steep both honey bush and rooibos for 3-5 minutes (usually 5) at 195F. I’ll have to go over my list and pick out some that have been ok. Because now that I know I’m not losing it for saying it gets sour, I want to find the common thread!

No, I believe you, I just can’t say that I’ve experienced the same thing. I used to experience it when I’d steep at a boiling temp, which is why I changed the temp for rooibos and honeybush.

OMGsrsly said

I have one from Adagio I’ll try an even lower temp. You are right in that it’s worse when boiling water is used (ie: take out teas) than when I make it at home (195F). (Adagio’s honeybush is not good IMO. The couple 52Teas I tried were definitely better.)

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