Does anyone blend their own tea at home?

Has anyone taken to blending their own teas at home? I have such a large stash that I’ve been experimenting a little with flavored and unflavored combinations.

If you are blending teas, what are your favorite creations/recipes?

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I do. I make my own black personal blends from a mix of a darjeeling, keemun, ceylon, or assam tea.
I also mix a lapsang in some of my black teas.
most blends worked out yummy so far.

none of my blends are flavoured.

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SarsyPie said

Not really, but I always say I am going to do more blending, then never get around to it! The main thing I combine is a MzPriss creation of shou and black tea. I drink this pretty much every morning at work.

It’s equal parts Mandala Special Dark and Black Beauty, and it’s called Dark Beauty.

I’ve done a few other Shou and black tea mixes, but I still think MzP’s original is the best.

Nom nom!

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I do a lot of blending! Mostly for healing herbal blends. I have a small stash of wildcrafted herbs I collected while on hikes. (I don’t really know if that’s legal… lol) I add herbs/spices/fruits and their peels to both cold and hot Yerba Mate. I especially like the combination of peppermint and fresh lemongrass to my Mate.
Also, one of my favorite ‘general wellness’ blends is fresh grated turmeric, Tulsi, slices of ginger, fresh lemongrass, and a squeeze of lemon :d

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I’ve been testing out different unflavored breakfast blends, and also adding a cream flavored tea to other flavors (Adagio Cream mixed with Mountain Witch Cherry Cheesecake is tasty).

Peppermint is next on my list to create my own “candy cane” black tea. :)

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I like to experiment with blending, mostly herbal teas since that’s what I drink most often. I sometimes post it as a “Random Steeping.” I have an ongoing experiment of blending my own chai spices. I made my own pregnancy blend last year.

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M said

I frequently blend herbal teas that I find either too strong or too sweet with different straight teas, especially when I’m drinking guayusa. It adds some subtle flavour without being overwhelming.

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I dabble in it, I have blend personal sized batches, though I do want to do more, I have a google doc of concoctions I dream of trying, mostly of ingredients that are too hard to find

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Malty said

I’m so glad you started this thread!

Please, everyone, share more details. Recipes, proportions, etc.

I have had the intention to do some blending, especially in the hopes of improving on the black breakfast blends I’ve been trying.

I recently wowed a friend when I served her a random blend made from some teabags I was using up. I don’t know the proportions but the ingredients were a breakfast tea from Numi, breakfast tea from Tazo, black currant from Twinings, Jasmine Pearls from Trader Joe and decaf Lady Grey from Twinings. We drank it with milk and it was delish.

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Classic English Breakfast: 60% assam, 40% keemun (by weight). You’re welcome, hehe


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I think I’m going to have to start now that Black Lotus is all gone.

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