Oca Ocani said

Japanese Oolong Tea

Hi Steepsters,

For the last few months, I occasionally have been trying some Japanese Oolong teas. All of them were very close to black teas. Well, I´m not a big fan of this product type.
So my questions is, are there Japanese Oolong teas which are more similar to Taiwanese Oolong teas?

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Hello Oca Ocani,

I know what you mean about Japanese Oolong, they tend to be dark and wooden.
There are some green Japanese Oolong, one of my favourites being: http://steepster.com/teas/yuuki-cha/22626-organic-miyazaki-oolong-tea-kuchinashi


It’s perhaps the best example I’ve had that’s been close to what you are looking for.

LuckyMe said

Thanks for the recommendation, going to add this to my next Yuuki-cha order. I love green oolong too and have been curious about Japanese oolongs for a while. I’ve had bottled iced oolong tea from Japanese stores (delicious BTW) but I think it’s made with Tieguanyin from Taiwan so not a true Japanese oolong tea.

Oca Ocani said

Thanks, KittyLovesTea.

Sounds like I should give Yuuki-Cha a closer look :)

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