Tealux.ca - New tea store on the tea market!

New tea store with wide selection of premium loos leaf teas!
Best quality. Best price.
Free delivery is available.

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LENA said

It looks like the majority of your teas come from Adagio. Also, there are several misspelled words on your site.

Cofftea said

I agree w/ Lena… while I don’t care for Adagio as a company there are a very few teas I may continue to get them from them… I’d have to compare prices between Adagio, my local shop, and yours factoring in the price if I wouldn’t get the frequent cup points. LOVE the price of your matcha!

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Jillian said

Yeah, acknowledging company of origin would be a plus if you didn’t blend the teas yourself. Adagio’s teas are rather distinctive, so you’re not really fooling anyone. ;)

A few little things:

- honeybush teas shouldn’t be classified under ‘Rooibos’ – botanically honeybush comes from a completely different and distinct plant.
- Yerba mate shouldn’t be classified as a green tea, even though it’s the green version of mate. It should either be a herbal or it should have its own category.
- Like Lena said, there’s a few typos here and there. FIX THEM! Typos make a business look horribly sloppy and unprofessional.

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