HELP Please!! Found the perfect puerh envelopes for storage...but...

I need help! I finally found the perfect puerh storage envelopes for my cakes here:

The problem: they have only five in stock and their shipping is ridiculously high.

I’ve been googling them like crazy but no luck so far.

Does anyone here on Steepster use something similar and if so where can I get them?

I’m not looking into other solutions, this or something very similar is what I really want.

Thanks in advance pu-lovers ;-)

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Thank you Teapet, I obviously suck at searching lol. My only concern is the quality of the paper, wish they would specify that it’s also good for storage and not just for gift but I guess this can be easily verified with the sellers.

Thanks again :-)

No problem! I would assume that the first two would be the similar to the one at Chawangshop. The last one, I’m not too sure… but I’m such a sucker for handmade paper… :(

yyz said

The Tommy tea store one is run by a tea wholesaler. He also has a separate website which allows you to pay by PayPal..The puerh wrappers aren’t on the site but you might be able to arrange payment for them through it if you would prefer that payment option.

Tea Pet, I agree, handmade papers are beautiful!

Thank you yyz, that’s very good to know.

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cookies said

If you end up going with Chawangshop you can e-mail them for a proper shipping quote. They ship epacket for light orders and it’s quite a bit less than the $17 they quote.

I actually made my own out of kraft paper. If you’re a little bit crafty they’re quite easy and you can make them to size.

Oh good to know about their shipping! I also fell in love with some of their teaware so I might ask them, thank you!

Lol I actually thought about making my own envelopes too, but decided not to, too many cakes haha! I wish I had the patience tho ;-)

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Ubacat said

Ubacat thank you, they look great, they might be another option for me :-)

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At the risk of sounding dumb, what’s the difference between these and manila?

boychik said

The paper they are made of has absolutely no smell.

+1 with boychik, and it is my undertanding that the paper used for those envelopes is also moisture-proof, at least that’s what Chawang claims in their description.

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hmm, I don’t know Verdant told me I could age my puerh teas in one of those standard brown lunch sacks. I need some things to store sample puerh in too and I was thinking about going to an office supply store or Daiso to get some small envelopes. I also store my puerh teas in a cardboard box. I wonder how this will influence their aging but I guess I’m not too worried about it. :D

mrmopar said

You will taste the cardboard most likely.

hmm, good to know. I should think about another alternative. I wish I had the room for a pumidor.

mrmopar said

An old mini fridge is all you need to start.

I’ll start looking for one :)

mrmopar said

:) let me know I will fill you in on the items for humidity and circulation of the air.

could I use my old microwave that just died?

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