Little Terri's Long Awaited Ultimate Sipdown Extravaganza!!!

It’s here! Little Terri’s Long Awaited Ultimate Sipdown Extravaganza.
Little Terri has been planning this gala event for weeks…uh make that months! She’s been setting aside that last cup or 2 of tea, awaiting the day when Ms Theresa would finally say (in an annoyed voice), “OK! Go ahead & have your little tea party”. So here we are, no more delays!
We’ll be drinking those last coveted cups of beloved hoarded teas.
We’ll also be drinking teas we’ve been avoiding because, face it, they just aren’t that good.
There are piles of samples from our dear tea friends (especially the adorable Sil).
There are even some baggies of teas I had packaged to send to Nofar …months ago…& then the school job started… & they ended up in Terri’s Bermuda Triangle… & probably taste like crap (plastic) by now… so I’m going to force myself to drink them instead. (Sorry Nofar, if you still want them let me know).

These are mostly teas I’ve already reviewed at least once, so rather than write yet another redundant review, I’m just going to post a daily list here, and you are welcome to join me! According to Ms Theresa, the Official Start Date is Feb 1st, but we’re starting today!
Feel free to join us, for a day, for a week, for a month.
Let’s clean out our cupboards of the tired & the unloved, & have fun!

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Sil select said

sooo what you’re saying is that i can send the second box now? :)


What the hell, I think I’ll just box up half of these & mail them to you! ;)

Sil select said

HAHAHAHAHA as long as you don’t send MINE back lol and that would also mean you have to get to the post office…

No no, I would never do that! But I do have a nice box packed up for you, including the last of Barbs Breakfast Black & Big Tree Red. If you think of anything you want, let me know :)

I’’m starting my Sipdown Extravaganza with 492 teas in my collection. Some small voice in my head whispered, “buy 8 more teas, so you can start with 500!” Not happening! LOL. Here’s my list, so far:
491. Barb’s Breakfast Black – White2Tea club Dec
490. Big Tree Red – White2Tea club January
489. Imperial Feng Qing Dian Hong Black Tea – Yunnan Sourcing
488. Feng Qing Classic 58 Dian Hong Premium Yunnan – Yunnan Sourcing
487. Meng Hun – Jalam Tea Club

Sil select said

is it sad that i would totally run next door to buy 8 more…

It was tempting…
486. Cocoa Amore – Whispering Pines

Cwyn said

Omg these ain’t no tea bags…

Lala said

Good luck :)

Yes! Every weekend I do the triple S (Saturday and Sunday Sipdowns) Let’s do this!

Chamomile vanilla bean – The Tea Guys
Organic Yunnan Puerh – Tea at Sea
Hawaiian Ginger Jasmine – Swan sisters via Amoda
Tropical Green – Octavia tea via Amoda

Lumberjack – Tippy’s
Indonesian High Mountain Black – Tea at Sea
Indonesian High Mountain Green – Tea at Sea

Dexter said

7 in a weekend is really good!!!!

I so wish I could have made it to an even 8. I was so close!

485. Fengqing Dragon Pearl – Teavivre
484. Golden Snail Black – Tribute
483. Spring 2013 Premium Grade Jin Jun Mei Fijian Black – Yunnan Sourcing
482. Imperial Mengku Pure Old Tree golden Buds – Tealux
481. Ginger Citrus – Traveling Tea – Sil bought this in St. Louis & gave me a sample.
480. Peppermint Bark – free sample I got in the mail from Republic of Tea
Well, that’s a good start!

Dexter said

Well since Sil has put me on hiatus until I get down to 175 – I need to play along. I started today at 210…
Yunnan Special Gold Organic by Capital Tea Ltd – 209
Cherry Kiss – River Tea – 208
Cherry Passion – River Tea – 207
Cherry Amaretto Oolong – Design a Tea – 206
Jin Jun Mei – ESGreen – 205
Taiwan Osmanthus Oolong – Teavivre – 204
Hot Apple Ginger Toddy – Herbal Infusions – 203
Almond Biscotti – Della Terra – 202
Grandma’s Garden – Zen Tea – 201
Peach Guava – Cornelia Bean – 200 (cold steeping overnight)

Sil select said

hey! i put us BOTH on hiatus…and if terri sends that box to me..i’ll be above you in no time with further to go lol

Dexter said

Right – BOTH on hiatus. How many do you have incoming without a Terri box?

OMGsrsly said

Woohoo! I’ll be watching this and working on sipdowns myself. :) My goal is… waiting for Dexter to get to her goal while not buying teas and sipping down as many as I can. ahem Since my spreadsheet isn’t updated, IDK where I’m at, but I’ve sipped down two today and will try for a couple more.

Alokozay – Cardamom
Simpson and Vail – Violet
Numi – Toasted Rice
Bellocq – White Wolf

OMGsrsly said

I’ve sipped down a couple more, but ALSO tossed a few that are just really old and gross at this point. AND I’ve packaged up a bunch of samples for people, including some non-tea friends. My spreadsheet is a mess.

Glad to have some company!
Today I’ve been working on polishing off some of the teas my dear Tea Fairy sent to me:
479. Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Golden Eyebrow – Tealux
478. Black Pearl Sumatra Oolong – Tealux
477. Bi Luo chun Yunnan Black – Whispering Pines
476. Hong Yu Red Jade Black – Tealux

After tossing & turning all night, I finally decided to get up at 4:15, did an hour of aerobic-type stuff, & now I’m having breakfast & a sip down before I head out to attempt to teach the predominantly unteachable.
Confession: last week I played hooky on Weds & Fri because I didn’t really feel that good, didn’t want to be there, & I had my big gig friday night & I wanted to make sure I could sing (cuz face it, yelling at kids ruins your voice). Continuing with teas from my Tea Fairy:
475. Jin Xuan Black – Tealux
474. Doke Black Fusion, first flush – Tealux (to drink on the road)
473. Shui Hsien Oolong china – Zen Tea (in my thermos)
472. Vanilla Gold – This is a blend made by our dear Stephanie! And it’s tasty!
Now I’d better get moving, I have to leave in 20 minutes.

Sil select said

stephanie tea! whaaaaaaaaat!

I sampled it & then put the rest in your box! Oh,& I think you also have a little present from Stephanie in there, I forget what it is though. :)

Sil select said

can i tell you that i love that we forget what’s in our respective boxes for one another lol

Me too! I also never know for sure if I’m sending you something I may have sent before, even though I usually make a list…somewhere… :)

More sip downs, I was really on a roll this afternoon!
From TeaFairy:
471. Premium Zhejiang Cloud’s Green Tea – Tealux
470. Da Yu Ling Oolong – Tealux
469. Silver Moonlight White – Whispering Pines
468. Wild Arbor Buds Yabao Puerh – Tealux

Other sources:
467. Coffee Free – Traveling Tea
466. Licorice – Devotea
465. Vanilla Oolong Duo – Traveling Tea
464. Tisano Rose Cacao – Tisano
463. Yerba Mate – Teaspot
462. 1001 Nights – Devotea
461. White Nights – Devotea
460. Ginger Lemongrass – Devotea
459. Vintage Lemonade – Devotea
458. Aussie Ginger Chai – Devotea
457. Bai Mu Dan – Verdant
456. Budset White Peony – Verdant

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