Please help! Loose leaf tea or Pyramid tea bag?

Hello guys, how is it going? :)

I am opening my tea business (online) in the near future and would love your feedback/opinion. So I was given a sample of exact same tea blend ingredients in 2 different versions: 1) Loose leaf form and 2) Pyramid tea bag version.

Loose leaf form – look and smell are fabulous I love it very much

Pyramid bag form – it looks nice but not nice as loose leaf form for sure. However, pyramid bag has much deeper and stronger taste to it for some odd reason.

I want to know which one I should choose to sell. Right now I can only choose 1 form due to money reasons. I personally would love to sell loose leaf form because it’s so much more beautiful but maybe customers would appreciate pyramid bag instead since it’s much more portable and easier to use?

Your opinions please, I would truly appreciate it. My heart is torn. Which would sell more? Which would customers like more? Thank you!

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I stay away from pyrimad teabags, they are (usually) made from nylon, and not bio-degradable, which is a HUGE issue for me.

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cookies said

I think it really depends on your customer base. My personal opinions align with Sandra’s, but if your company is focused toward busy people on the go rather than tea lovers, bags may be a better choice. Loose leaf offers more control but a great number of people would, I’m sure, prefer the ease of teabags.

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I believe pyramid bags provided are created from nylon and I do agree with you two on the whole bio-degradable issue.

But as @cookies was pointing out – yes, my company will focuse towards busy people on the go. They are not “true tea lovers” for sure.

If I do sell loose leaf form, I don’t know how I can make it taste good and have the water color deep as pyramid bag. I think it is because pyramid bag ingredeitns were perfectly measured with perfect amounts of each? Any ideas? And are those paper filter bags the best thing to offer my customers if I do decide go with loose leaf? I so, who sells cheapest in bulk? Thank you guys!

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AnnaEA select said

The teabags probably colored deeper and tasted richer because the leaves in them were broken up a bit.

If you are aiming at the busy on the go market, you want the tea bags, along with a nice selection of travel mugs and cups – then slowly bring on board the loose teas and accoutrements for travel brewing loose leaf.

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I would prefer loose leaf as an option for sure. I’m finding I’ll only buy tea if it is available loose because I like my own steeping process and I find any bagged tea does not have enough room for the leaves to actually expand and release full flavour. Hope that helps :)

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