Dhamma said

Need advice!

I’m having difficult deciding which of these two teas I should purchase.

1. Den’s Tea – Genmaicha Extra Green
2. Rishi Tea – Super Green, Japanese Green Tea

What do you guys/gals think?

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Cofftea said

Den’s deals exclusively in Japanese greens which I like… But Rishi’s is organic… you may also be able to find the Super Green somewhere cheaper (my brick and mortar shop sells Rishi)… Other than that it’s really comparing apples to oranges since they’re different teas. My completely biased opinion? Hands down the Super Green as I do not like Gen Mai Cha. (But if you do, I’d go w/ Den’s- they have good quality stuff in general.)

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Having tasted the Den’s Genmaicha Extra Green, I have to go with that tea because it’s outstanding. I haven’t tried Rishi’s Super Green so I can’t say that it isn’t also outstanding, and I will say that the Rishi teas that I have tried have been excellent… so you probably will be fine with either!

But, my love of Genmaicha wins out here! I’d buy the Den’s.

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Spot52 select said

+1 on Den’s.

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Mel said

I have tried 6 different types of genmaicha, and Den’s is the freshest, best tasting one. I need to go through some more teas before I allow myself an order from them.

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I like Den’s Tea Genmaicha a lot, and haven’t tried Rishi’s Supergreen. If you haven’t actually tried either, I’d say start with the Den’s Tea novice sampler; it would let you try the Genmaicha for free ($3 shipping, but then they give you a $3 discount on your first real order), as well as some other Japanese teas.

Cofftea said

ABSOLUTELY get Den’s sampler no matter what you do if you haven’t.

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I currently have one Japanese green of Rishi’s, and it is EXCELLENT. That being said, they have the highest prices for Japanese greens (in my comparisons) and their shipping is higher too ($7 I think, unless you break the $49 mark, in which case it’s free). Den’s is only $5, or $3 if you buy $30 or over, and free also at the $50 mark.

You won’t be disappointed with either choice; as others have said though, they are completely different teas, so hard to tell you which to choose.

If you wanted a Den’s tea similar to Rishi’s Super Green, look to: http://www.denstea.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=502_507
Oh, and right now it’s on sale for a 10% discount!

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