What tea flavors do you prefer for Valentine's Day?

What are the tea flavors that you’re planning to buy this Valentine’s Day? Is it going to be some vanilla , rose or blueberry tea or something else?

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I always get really into any and all holidays, so I have a couple set aside for that day, regardless of what I am doing. Butiki’s Champagne rose cream is definitely on that list.

Oh, and friendly reminder, Uniquity just mentioned this to another company, but you may want to remove the numerical rating for your teas, it’s in the discussion guidelines (number 9) here:


Uniquity said

That sounded much nicer than the way I phrased it. I didn’t mean to be rude, haha.

You didn’t sound rude at all! Just more professional :P

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I’m assuming you’re asking since you’re planning to put together a Valentine’s tea, so I’ll tailor my answer to that.

I haven’t actually tried any Valentines teas, but I’ve seen several. Most of them are Black teas with milk/dark chocolate and/or rose flavors/additions. A few have different bases. I know I saw Puerh, Oolong or White tea may work as well depending on what direction you take the blend. Other additions are things that pair well with chocolate and/or rose. I saw strawberry, raspberry, bergamot, white chocolate, mint, various other flowers, vanilla, caramel, and nuts.

The trick is to go for something decadent, romantic, and unique. If I were to go looking for Valentine’s Day teas right now I would probably want a Chocolatey Black or Puerh with Raspberry or Strawberry; Rose; and Cream, Vanilla, or Toffee flavors. Basically a specialty chocolate in tea form. I would also look for a Rose-based White, Oolong, or Herbal with another flower or two and maybe a hint of cream, vanilla, raspberry, or strawberry. Think a bouquet of flowers in a cup. I am a huge fan of herbal teas, and I don’t think I’ve seen many herbal valentines teas, so that would definitely interest me.


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Something other than all rose and chocolate. I like vanilla and mint.

+1 on that! I hate chocolate flavorings and rose can be pretty tricky to deal with. Vanilla is good, champagne is fun, mint, cinnamon and caramel are much more interesting!

Chocolate can be okay in tea, and I like some rose blacks. I just wanted to see something different, as everything is that blend.

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