Eco-Cha's Top 5 Teas of 2014

It was a great year for tea, we discovered some fantastic oolong and met many inspiring tea farmers along the way. From smooth and floral Li Shan High Mountain Oolong the to rich and roasted Dong Ding Oolong from Phoenix Valley – here are our favorite, responsibly produced oolong teas from 2014.

Which teas were your 2014 favorites?

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I am not sure of my top five for this year (because I am not sure if I would just count teas had this year or ones that I enjoyed the most this year…decisions decisions) but I can safety say that Mr. Lin’s Inaugural Harvest is on it! I am greatly excited to see what his future harvests are like because oh man, that tea was fantastic. It is so hard to not drink all of it!

I agree! Mr. Lin’s Dong Ding is such a great tea. We visited his farm last week and saw the very first growth that will become the spring harvest!

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Will Mr. Lin’s Inaugural Harvest be available to the general public at any point? I wanted to support your Kickstarter but was unfortunately too low on funds.


Yes! We have a small amount of the harvest left over. We wanted to make sure all the perks were filled and delivered before making the rest available.

We’ll post here when it’s ready!

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