Lion select said

Red Tea/Hongcha Recommendations?

Hey folks. I am looking for a replacement to use in my yixing pot seasoned for red teas. I was using Andrews & Dunham’s Yunnan Gold Tips, limited year of the horse tin. I’m nearly out of it and my experience with red teas is not extensive, so I am reaching out for recommendations. Anyone know of any teas similar to it? Especially if you have tried it or have a tin of it at home.

I’d say so far my tastes lean more toward Yunnan than Fujian, though the Jin Jun Mei I had from Yezi Tea the other day was really impressive and has my attention.

I am really curious to try a red tea that is comprised of all gold tips, something like Golden Fleece from Verdant. I have yet to try one like that. What are they like in comparison to other reds with fewer gold tips?

I’d be interested in trying more red teas with a honey/orchid/fruit slant to them as opposed to malty/bready/cocoa type flavors, though I know most have some of both of those qualities.

I guess I’m going to just have to peruse some samples for a bit to figure it out, but need a good direction to start.


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Phi said

Teavivre has a lot of yummy ones and should be having their New Year sale soon. They are great about samples… So I would go that route. They probably even have a sample pack.

Golden fleece was yummy, but kinda pricey. I haven’t gotten it in yet, but I ordered a ton of blacks from Yunnan Sourcing and they have some very golden looking ones there for much less $$$.

I have heard good thing about Whatcha too, and I think they have a sale on blacks until midnight, and small sample sizes.

Idk just a start. I have less xp than most of the folks here.

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Anlina said

I would highly recommend trying this out:

This one is also excellent, with some fruitier notes:

The Finest Brew’s Jin Jun Mei is delicious and on sale

Their Jin Ya is also excellent, though currently out of stock.

I really, really like this one, though it leans more towards the malty side of things. They also have one that’s all tips but were sold out of when I went to buy so I didn’t get to try it

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tperez said

I’d very much recommend Yunnan Sourcing’s black teas. Great quality for price and a big selection of diverse flavors. Their Ailao High Mountain is killer, more on the mineral/fruity side than most. The Golden Needle is very good and a more “standard” Yunnan black taste.

Teavivre, Mandala, Verdant, and Whispering Pines have some great blacks as well. Yezi has excellent Fujian blacks.

Tippier black teas are generally smoother and milder

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I’ve had Golden Fleece and Yunnan Sourcing’s Gold Needle – I like YS’ a bit more, especially for the price (sold out on the US site, so after shipping it might be the same price)

But yeah, I prefer the all gold tips more – the texture is impressively smooth and thick. The tea is really pretty too!

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sansnipple said

I’d also recomend trying a broad swath of yunnan sourcing’s blacks, they’re mostly all pretty great, My favorites so far are Yi Mei Ren (dark fruit,chocolate, super sweet) and Imperial Mojiang (very rich and honey-ey pure bud golden dian hong), their Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (the non-smoked one), premium Jin Jun Mei, and Yunnan Black Gold were all very good too. Though I still have lots to try, they all look so good, I really want to try some of their wild arbor assamica blacks next.

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