Tea of the Week! Our Weekly Special Ts

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Hey Meghann,

Sorry for not editing this discussion, but we had to remove the 1 oz size after week 4 for processing reasons. We are so sorry about not communicating this. Thanks for pointing this out.

Again our deepest sorry,

Sanctuary T Shop

Cofftea said

Sad… no more blends for me due to financial and spatial limitations. I need a wallet and bladdar augmentation lol:)

Meghann M said

Thanks for getting back to me. I thought with the Cranberry Acai maybe too much time had passed to get in on the 1oz deal, but was surprised with the new tea being unavailable in 1oz 34 minutes after it was posted. This clears that up. I hope there will still be a few ounces of both teas next pay day as I would love to treat myself to them!

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