Just wondering how the rating system works

Hi all,

I’m new here, and am really enjoying steepster! I added a couple of teas that weren’t in the database, and given them ratings. I’m curious about how the ratings work, because on a couple of the teas that I have added, I am the only person who has rated them, but the overall rating is lower than the rating I’ve given. How come the rating doesn’t match my rating when I’m the only person who has reviewed the tea?

Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious, this just seems strange to me.

Happy sipping!

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tperez said

Welcome! I’m not what the formula is like exactly but Steepster seems to lower the overall score towards 70 (or something like that) on teas that only have like one or two reviews.

I think the idea is to keep teas that only have one or two reviews (say it’s 100) from showing up in searches as “top rated”. It’s sort of strange, but I guess it’s better than the alternative if your searching for teas that are well liked by the community. It does however seem to work against lesser known/local companies, or those that sell lots of different teas or sell by harvest.

It’s been discussed in the past, but I think what it comes down to is that no rating method is perfect. I tend to pay more attention to the individual reviews of people that I follow or think have similar tastes than I do than the overall Steepster rating/score.

Hi tperez,
Thanks for your quick response! That makes sense :)

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