Butiki sponsored educational traveling tea box! List posted - on the move!

Miss_Phi GA
Thainofbuckland NC
Rosebudmelissa – MD
Haveteawilltravel NY
Kiwidelight NY
Kaylee – NY
AllanK NY
Thelastdodo – CO
Oolong Owl CA
Zach S. – CA
Inkling – WI
Skysamurai – MN Will ship to Canada the box is here
Reki275 AB
Kittena ON

Back to Marzipan for possibly another round
VC BC – dropped out
Anlina MB – unresponsive

*if anyone is willing to ship outside North America please let me know and I will revise this list.

Butiki has offered to do a third educational traveling tea box as they clean out the remaining teas that they have!

The vast majority of these teas are not teas we sell. We would like to lump them in groups, so that they could be tasted at the same time so one could draw a conclusion about type of tea or location. For instance, we could lump together 2nd Flush Assams. Most of these will be unlabeled other then generally what they are. For instance, a label might say Assam #1, 2013 2nd Flush.

These teas will all be unflavored.
 Please note all of our samples are stored together and occasionally we receive unsolicited flavored teas. Due to a slight potential cross contamination we ask that anyone with a serious allergy not participate.
 Most of these don’t have dates and we can’t be sure how old they are. We will try to keep this box to teas of higher quality and more recent teas.

If there is anyone willing to pay to ship to Canada, please indicate that in your post and that will determine Canadian participation. Priority will be given to people who have not had a chance to participate at all yet, and who have good history here. It is likely that the box will be a medium flat rate sized box.

Here’s how it works:

- You get the box in the mail.

- Sample the teas that interest you. 

- If you have unflavored teas that you can add to the box please do, but also please do not feel obligated to replace the exact amount that you took.

Send it on to the next person with delivery confirmation. Please PM both Marzipan and the person you are sending to with the delivery confirmation tracking number.

-Try not to keep the box for longer than a week, max two. (This is not a set timeline, however we would like to keep the box moving in a fairly timely and efficient manner). Please keep the thread updated when you receive the box and when you are sending it out.
 If you run short on time you can take small samples out and try them after you have sent the box.

-Follow the people who are before and after you in the list (once the list is up) so you can PM about addresses and such.

-Please make sure to package teas appropriately so that strongly scented teas do not contaminate the other teas, and so that no teas escape and wander the box while in the mail.
 Please replace the box if it becomes damaged.

- If you want to be dropped from the list please let me know.
If something has come up and you want to be reshuffled on the list, let me know right away so I can do that.

- When you get the box, ask the next person on the list for their address. Then check and make sure they’re ready for the box before you send it to make sure nothing has changed.

Please post below if you are interested in participating. Also please acknowledge the following disclaimer: By participating in this box, you acknowledge that you do not have any allergies and will not hold any participant or box creator responsible of any negative reactions from teas in the box. Also, please be aware that cross contamination may occur through the use of this box.

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Phi said

Me me me!!! I agree to the disclaimer. No one will be sued. I can’t wait for this experience!

I forgot to add: I am in Georgia.

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I’m interested in participating. I’m not allergic to anything, so there won’t be any problems.
North Carolina

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I’m interested. I’m in Maryland and read and acknowledge the disclaimer

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Marzipan, you are the best! Thank you so much for hosting these boxes.

Just an FYI, there are a LOT of teas! I was able to pretty much pack a 9 X 9 X 9 box with sample baggies. Here’s a look before it got out of control: http://instagram.com/p/zLEbsGlfKb/?modal=true

I would love to do this one as well. Would it be selfish of me to do both? :P I accept the disclaimers and I am in Denver, Colorado. If you can me to the list please please do!

Kittenna said

Are there two boxes??? I miss so much when I’m busy :(

Sil select said

one is herbal stuff, one is teas

Kittenna said

Ah, thanks. Not interested in herbal stuff right now, no time to play.

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Kaylee said

Me please! I acknowledge the disclaimer.

Kaylee said

Also I am in New York.

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Skysamurai said

This sounds like a great box! Thank you Butiki for this opportunity. Marzipan I would love to join and would be willin to ship to Our Northern neighbor =]

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Inkling said

What a cool idea! I would love to join. I acknowledge the disclaimer (no allergies here, so it shouldn’t be a problem!) I’m in Wisconsin.

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I would love love love to participate if I could be fit in when I’m visiting my family in NJ. (I’ve been considering a visit this spring, but I haven’t made any solid plans yet.)

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Nattie said

I would love to participate – you mentioned a possibility of Canadian participation, but nothing about elsewhere in the world. Does that mean you’re not willing to involve international members?

Fingers crossed!

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Zack S. said

Please add me to the participation list! (I acknowledge the disclaimer). I’m from California and this would be my very first TTB ever, looking forward to it =)

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