Cofftea said

Where did my tea go?

I went to log my amazing pumpkin chai mocha latTEA that I made last night using Twinings Pumpkin Spice Chai only to discover that the tea has been removed from the database. Has anyone discovered this happening w/ other teas? I realize steepster overlords should be notified, but as Jason isn’t back full time yet I just thought I’d throw it out here for now. We don’t have steepster select to occupy our attention yet so I thought we needed another thread to entertain us anyway:)

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I added two teas last night and they’re both still there. Has your pumpkin chai reappeared yet?

Cofftea said

Nope, still MIA.

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I have noticed some of that happening with teas I logged about a year ago and have revisited lately. The teas are or are NOT there but my reviews disappeared! Eeeeek! This has been going on for about 2 months or so…I sent Jason a note and he was just as confused as I was….but said he would see what he could find/figure out.

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Gary said

The Mysterious Disappearing TEA’s have returned, I have Tea’s in my Cupboard but do not show up on a “FIND TEA SEARCH” Guess the Database is Getting Slow, Anybody know of a VIRTUAL MEMORY CLEANING TEA, for the Steepster Database.

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Lori said

I had a near impossible time adding 52teas Whiskey Sour. I would add it and then it would disappear. Never had that happen before..

Jaime said

It’s already in the database…search for “Golden Yunnan Whiskey Sour”. Or are you clicking the “add to cupboard” button?

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Janefan said

Here’s another one I added recently that doesn’t appear in search

You have to go to the company name, show all teas, and then you can see it. The search on this site is essentially useless now that it is completely unreliable.

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I know I added our Rainbow Pu Erh and our Joy Pu Erh in the past and both have disappeared.

EDIT: it is in my tealog, but doesn’t show up in the search…

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Jason select said

Update: We have noticed that there is a problem indexing new teas in the search and will hopefully have a chance to look into it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Jason!

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