Good, Strong Chai Recommendation?

Every Chai I’ve tried lately has been a little too bland and just okay. Or it’s been far too overpowered by just one spice, to the point that you can’t really taste the tea. I’ve got some of Mighty Leaf’s Kashmiri Chai and Masala Chai to use before buying anything new.

Here is what I’m looking for in a chai: Strong, robust, full-bodied black tea. The ingredients don’t have to be organic, but I do want to avoid natural flavoring and artificial flavoring because that makes tea taste fake to me. I’m not picky about the spices — it’s fine if they’re strong as long as the tea leaves can stand up to them with sugar and milk. I’m open to different kinds of spice combinations here, but I definitely want some cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper. Ginger is also a plus. Ideally, the tea should be strong enough that brewing it Western style rather than over the stove in milk extracts plenty of flavor.

Also, I’d rather not have to add black tea, but I will do it if it’s really hard to find a chai where you can taste the base tea.

So I was wondering if any of you had any specific recommendations?

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When I need more of a kick to my chai, I just double the leaf. Tealux makes a good spicy chai. If you can find a blend that has pepper flakes, that may be right up your alley. I would even add some to your existing blends.

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boychik said

Whispering pines has done pretty potent chai . All flavoring is natural . Also I’ve heard of Yogic Chai. They have several types with different bases. But I never tried those. There are reviews on those here so you can make a decision

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So I had a sample of masala chai sitting around from Sullian Street Tea and Spice Company. The other teas I’ve tried from them were just okay, but this one worked well, and is inexpensive, so… I think I’ll make this one my go to chai for now.

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