Learning about tea in Taiwan and Japan

Hi all
I’m currently travelling in Taiwan learning about tea with the aim of returning (home) to Australia and teaching/sharing what I’ve learnt. In 10 days I will go to Japan to the O-Cha festival and have another week there to learn what I can about the Japanese teas and production methods.
Could anyone put me in touch with a contact in Japan or Taiwan who might be willing to spare an hour to show me their tea farm/ production method/ or share their knowledge on tea?
I’m planning to share what I learn on my blog as well.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards
Sarah Cowell

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I don’t have any personal contacts, but, you could try contacting www.denstea.com. I know they have a parent company in Shizuoka, Japan, and who knows, they might be open to a visit. Though, you might need to speak Japanese!

Another company that I’ve read about in Japan that seems friendly to visitors and even mentions it on their website is: http://www.obubutea.com/visit-the-tea-fields/

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Thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate your help. I’ve sent them both an email, so will see how it goes!
Kind regards

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You’re welcome. Good luck!

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Alaina said

I’m so jealous! I was in Taiwan for almost two weeks last August and I had a blast. While I didn’t get to visit any plantations or tea masters, I did check out a couple of tea rooms in Taipei and got to do a gongfu cha ceremony.

My relatives also took me to their usual tea shop where the tea was stored in huge drums and the owner made his own yixing teapots! The Taiwanese oolongs were secreted away in another room and they even had high mountain oolong they claimed was fresh off the mountain!

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