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Loose Leaf Version of Bagged Tea

(I have a rather specific request, but I thought I’d leave the subject line ambiguous in case anyone wants to use this to ask similar questions.)

Back when I first started drinking tea, I bought a canister of Republic of Tea’s Honey Ginseng Daily Green Tea. It became one of my staple everyday teas. I finished it off, and though I continued to really like it, I didn’t buy another because by then I had moved on to loose tea. I still drink it from time to time (e.g. when I’m at Panera).

I’d like to find a similar tea to it, except not bagged and at least slightly better quality of leaves. I’d like it to not be too expensive because I’m planning to add it back into my daily sips.

There is a full-leaf version of it available via the RoT website. But the reviews of that version here on Steepster do not give me any hope. If I can’t find an acceptable loose tea replacement, I’ll just buy the RoT canister of teabags again. But I wanted to do some research beforehand.

I’ve tried just putting keywords into Steepster and Google (honey ginseng green) but haven’t found anything. I’m hoping the hive mind here can help. Any ideas?

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