New English Teas tin

So, I recently came across these tea tins, and now I desperately need them in my life/cupboard. Honestly, the tea is kind of a secondary issue at this point… haha.

I’ve found them on a few British novelty gift sites – which I almost prefer, because I’ve also been looking for a mini red phone box collectible, oddly enough – but the shipping is a bit much. I might go for it anyway, but I thought I’d post this here and see if anyone has any better ideas first.

Edit: I’m in the USA… I forgot to add that. :)

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Jaime said

I both love and loathe you for posting this. Because now these must be in my life as well.

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Janefan said

you may want to try or
they sell a lot of british foods, novelties, and tea, but are based in the US.

also, if you know anyone that’s going to England, those tins of tea are inexpensive and ubiquitous in all the souvenir shops over there. I bought some 5+ years ago as gifts for coworkers.

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AJ said

Ah, yes, those. I used to find them at Winner’s all the time, but could never decide how badly I wanted them. I haven’t seen them there for a while. I thought they would be perfect for my Travel Tea set.

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ohhh… sigh WANT!

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