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Primula flowering tea?

An out of town friend is going to give me a Primula flowering tea if he remembers it this weekend. Not sure of the blend. I saw on the website a package of 12 blooms is supposed to make 250 cups of tea. That seems like a lot. I couldn’t find any brewing instructions on the website and I don’t know how much my friend really knows about what he is drinking. Known him for 30 years, didn’t know he enjoyed tea. Any clue on brewing these for best results, including resteeps?

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I have had their tea…I like most of what I have had. They are blooming/flowering tea! I remember them claiming up to 250 cups for 12 blooms but I could only get between 3 and 6 infusions-worth from each bloom based on flower-type. I love to watch the blooms but I don’t think the flavor will be there if you do more than 6 infusions on many of them…if you know what I mean!

These may help you so you can ‘see’ how it all works and what to do for infusions, etc. Good Luck! I have done a few reviews here on steepster of the Primula Teas I have tried if you go to companies and look for the company name and check them out.



K S said

Thanks. Unfortunately, my friend forgot the tea. :-( He described it with great detail. It would have been an earl grey. He also has a jasmine fowering tea that he again described in great detail. Aaaaarrrrgggh! Don’t doubt I will get him back in the near future.

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