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Mixing teas--is it 1 to 1?

A spinoff of another topic…when you mix teas, do you just do a 1 to 1 ratio? I have several Della Terra teas that I thought I could try to mix but didn’t know if there was a recommended “method.” If nothing else, I guess it’s up to each person’s preferences/creativity, but just thought I’d ask for suggestions on a “formula!”

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Fergy said

Im in no way an expert, i only just started with the loose leaf about 4 weeks ago, (though im drinking it HEAVILY lol) but i would imagine its just based on the teas themselves, and how you want the result to taste. Just like in cooking, combining two or more ingredients is always done with a purpose, a set taste in mind. So i would just say get a firm idea of how you want the mixture to taste, imagine what each tea tastes like, and then start mixing really small batches (like a cups worth) and keep adjusting until you find that taste you were going for :)

Just my two cents but i hope i helped.

Yeah, also not an expert, but I’m not sure there’s one way to do it — just depends on taste. Lately I’ve been mixing chai with Assam at a 2:1 ratio when I want a stronger black tea base.

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