gmathis said

How to block a follower?

Sorry…this may be Steepster 101 that I have missed along the way, but of late, I’ve been followed by what appears to be commercial/non-tea company/spam entities. Is there a button to push somewhere to block an undesired follower?

(Nothing personal! You all are wonderful people!)

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yyz said

You can report them to the spammers in steepster thread and a moderator will deal with them.

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AJ said

You’ll have to follow them back before they can do anything like contact you directly. I think that’s Steepster’s preemptive block feature, and probably the closest it’ll get.

But yeah, Jason and Mods are pretty on top of deleting them when you report ’em.

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Lynxiebrat said

I think being able to actually block would be a good idea though…I mean I don’t see most people actually having to use it, but just as an option in case someone gets really obnoxious/stupid.

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