Not My Cup O'Tea TTB -- Sign Ups Closed

Hello all!

I think Arshness had a great idea with this one (originally titled Spring Cleaning TTB) Kudos Arshness!

For this TTB, lets do something different and do a Spring Cleaning TTB of sorts or a Not My Cup O’Tea TTB. We all have those teas that we tried once or twice but it just wasn’t our cup o’tea.. or maybe your tastes have changed. Mine sure have over the years. These teas are perfectly fine but just need to find themselves a new home and possibly may become a new favorite of a fellow Steepster-ite(s). Instead of doing individual swaps, this would be like doing a giant swap or just sending along teas to de-clutter our tea stashes a bit.

Now to the guidelines. . .

—Please add in teas that you didn’t care for, you are wanting to share, or would like to see go to a good home. If you find a tea(s) you do like, please by all means, take it. But lets make sure that the next person on the list has enough to check out, try, and enjoy.

-Please do not add in old or stale teas.

-If the tea you are adding in may contaminate other teas in the box, please pkg appropriately.

-Follow me and the people who are before and after you in the list so that we can PM each other when needed. Once you get the box, holler out to the next person on the list so you can get their addy and make sure they are still available to participate. Life happens and sometimes things come up. If you are not able to participate at the time, we can always shake the order up a bit and see where we can add you back into the shuffle. Just let myself know and we can go from there.

-Please either send the tea in its original packaging or make sure that it is labeled with the tea name and company. Recommended steeping parameters are also appreciated.

- New participants must have some activity and history on Steepster.

If you have any questions, please comment here. I think this could be a fun way to give life to teas that we know others would enjoy more than ourselves!

Sorry for the delay on this-here we go!!

Here is the shipping order :)

Beelicious- California
The Last Dodo-Colorado
Inkling- Wisconsin
Teantees-New Hampshire
HaveteawillTravel-New York

If everyone could please follow the person before and after them, that would be great! If I missed somebody on the list, please let me know.

Thanks all!

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I’m in! I’m in Virginia, USA.

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Oooh, me, pick me!

I am in Denver, CO.

I can imagine this box getting quite heavy down the road. Maybe adding the newest steepsterites (or ones with smaller cupboards/tasting notes) farther down in line? Also, when are you thinking of doing this?

That’s what I was thinking as well. I’m hoping to get this started in a week or so after we get everybody in that wants to be.

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beelicious said

Me too please! I’m in California

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I love this idea :) My cupboard could use some cleaning.
Dansville, New York

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Fergy said

Im down. This would be my first of anything swap related, as im new, so i volunteer to be at the back end. I even have something i can toss in too :)
Plainfield, Indiana

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TeaNTees said

I’d be interested in participating in this. I always enjoy trying new teas. :)
Bow, New Hampshire

OMara said

I used to live in Southern New Hampshire!!!

TeaNTees said

Really? Whereabouts? Quite a small world after all I guess. :)

OMara said

I lived in Jaffrey which is about thirty minutes from Keene. I now live in Texas.

TeaNTees said

Okay yes, I know Jaffrey. What a big change to go from NH to TX!

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I’d like to join, I live in Maryland

Could I get your address? I’m having trouble with messenger…

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vbjones said

I am interested in this. I am relatively new to loose leaf tea and have bought several varieties that I am not crazy about. Would love to sample some others though. I am in Alabama.

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Skysamurai said

sounds good as long as its not too big haha I’m in MN

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carol who said

I’d love to participate in another TTB. This sounds great. Chicago area.

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