'Share with Friends' Twitter problem

I don’t know if there is an official place to post ‘bugs’ on the site, but my husband pointed something out to me yesterday.

After I submit my review, and come to the ‘Share This With Friends’ bit, I’ve been choosing the Twitter option… but, it’s been giving me an incomplete link.

For example;

When it should be;

So it’s just linking to the tea page, instead of my review.

Definitely something I can take care of myself when I tweet, but I thought I’d point it out. The "send this to Twitter’ check box on the review page works fine, by the way… but I like to write my own blurb before the link on Twitter.

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Cofftea said

There’s a grey contact button at the bottom of the web page. When Jason gets back, PMing him directly also works wonderfully. You could also try PMing Mike or Jack.

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Ricky said

My guess is that the tweet didn’t make the 160 character limit so the link got trimmed.

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I thought that too, but no… it’s just how it’s coming out.

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