learning to blend.

my future business partner and i are looking to try our hand at blending some teas. any input would be great. such as some good places to search to purchase some ingredients, a good article or book to read on some more info on the actual process, and so on and so forth. were really just gonna jump into it and try it and see how it goes. very small batches of course. thanks guys!!

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Fergy said

What you are going to do, ie “just jump into it”, is really the only thing i could/would suggest. As i have said to another person asking about blending, just as in cooking, whenever you add two ingredients together, it is always to achieve a specific taste or result. So my advice would be thus; imagine a flavor profile that you want, and then look through all of your options and try to figure out what could possibly combine to make that. Or inversely, taste a tea, find something you think it is lacking, and try to figure what tea(s) you could add a little of to shore up the lacking flavor.

Hope i helped.

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