52Teas Takeover - Reboot!

Hi Everyone!

As you are probably aware, our first kickstarter attempt was not a success. After sitting down and reevaluating our budget and what we need versus what would be nice to have, we have managed to cut our original goal in half. It will mean more work on our end, but anything worth having is worth working hard for and I believe that it’s definitely worth the hard work.

Please support us – Amethyst and myself – in this endeavor. We truly want to make this Kickstarter successful and create some really amazing tea.



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Uniquity said

You’re already 30% there! It’s funny how the smaller requests get over-backed, but the slightly larger sometimes don’t make it. Hopefully you get more than you’d hoped for and have all you need to make this a success. Good luck!

@Uniquity: Thank you very much for your well wishes. I was overjoyed to see it reach the heights it has reached thus far.

The $10,000 goal would have been ideal. If we would have reached that, we would have been able to buy all the equipment we needed and had enough inventory so that I wouldn’t have to restock for at least 2 months. I figured with all the filling of orders and everything, that the fewer other things that I had to concern myself with, the better. But, as I’ve said, it’s worth the extra work. This is something that means a great deal to me.

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Add more black options and I will back it.

Uniquity said

Hehe. Good point. My fave 52Teas back in the day were blacks but I didn’t like the black base. Too bitter! I’m interested to see the base teas that get sourced in future.

I looked at it last night and would have done the option where you can pick four but there were only two black, and I wouldn’t be likely to drink the others. :(

Marzipan: Is there a particular reblend that interests you that I haven’t added to the campaign? If so, you can choose the “you choose the reblend” option where you can choose whichever reblend from the past that interests you and it will be reblended for you.

Or, if that isn’t to your liking, you can also create your own blend with several of the different options. You can also choose the $5 option and get the one black tea that I’ll be offering in June. I don’t want to announce it here – because for those who want to keep it a surprise, I’ll let it remain that way, however, if you visit our first update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497705217/the-52teas-reboot-we-are-making-extraordinary-teas/posts/1161863 I list all of June’s teas (except for the fifth Monday, which will be voted upon by the contributors).

Also with the custom reblend pack ($25.) you can pretty much mix and match those.

@Uniquity: I am changing the black tea base. I haven’t yet decided on the teas that I’ll be using for that, because I’m still searching for the right teas. I would very much like for them to be Organic but my first concern is taste. I have tried quite a few organic black teas that would fit within the price range that I could use, but, they didn’t suit my taste. The way I see it is that customer #1 is me, if I don’t like a tea, I won’t sell it. So, I’ve been sampling all sorts of teas from various wholesale sources trying to find the right one. But by the time we release the teas, there will be a different black tea base in place. That’s my first order of business.

I’m on the road but I’ll take another look when I get back.

I backed it. Wishlist would include Cotton Candy black and a black version of the Lemon Cheesecake you are making.

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Zephyr select said

Backed it again. :-)

Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

Zephyr select said

I refuse to let 52teas die! It must live lol ;-)

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Yay! I really want you guys to get it this time! Crossing my fingers and toes for going beyond your goal!

(It’s really because I took one look at June’s Teas. I am dying to try ALL of them!!)

Thank you for your support. June is a fifth Monday month, so in a few days, I’ll be posting an update where the contributors get to vote on the fifth Monday/Retro Monday blend. I’m excited to see which tea will win!

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Thanks for the email thanking me for backing :) It’s like a circle of thanks!

Thank you, Kieblera5 – I do try to keep on top of thanking our backers – we really can’t do it without our supporter’s generosity. We truly appreciate you.

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@LiberTeas I want two of the reblends in full packs plus all the teas for June…and I live in Canada. How much should I pledge?


Hi @Sweet Canadian: OK, so you should pledge to the third incentive (which is the $17 incentive) and add $20 for the two reblends. Please also include another $3 for shipping, as the shipping will cost a bit more for the extra two pouches.

THANK YOU for your support.

Would it be the same if I decided I wanted a two month subscription? Or would the shipping be more then? I would pick that reward and then add $23?

Lindsay said

If you have a Kickstarter account with your mailing address associated with it, and if you’re logged into that account, you can just choose whichever reward you want and it will automatically add the correct amount for shipping.

@Sweet Canadian: Sorry for the delay in the reply! I didn’t see this post until just now!

The two month subscription tier has the charges for the shipping ‘built in’ – that is, it would charge you $12 for the shipping. If you want the two month subscription plus the 2 reblends, you would take the 2 month subscription tier plus $23 for the 2 reblends, which I would ship with the July teas. I might be a little late in getting July’s teas out to you so that I can combine the two, but if you don’t mind waiting two weeks, I can combine the July subscription shipment with the reblend shipment.

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So excited to see you back!

I’ve never donated to Kickstarter before, can you help me figure out what I’d need to do if I wanted multiple rewards tiers? I’m interested in getting one of the June teas, one of the Campaign reblends, and choosing an old 52Teas tea to be reblended.

(Also in Canada if that helps)

OK … did you want a large size of the Campaign reblend or a sampler size?

A large size :)

OK, so you should select the “You choose the Reblend” tier for $35 because those are limited. Then you can add $17 for the June teas and $10 for the reblends. So an additional $27 and since these would need to be shipped in separate shipments, we would need an additional $12 for the shipping. (Gawd the shipping stuff kills me. I hate how much I have to ask for for shipping. I’m sorry!)

I’m really only interested in one of the June teas though – which is the $5 pledge, right? So what would I add for shipping for that and the June tea?

And thanks for your help!

If it would be OK if I shipped the June tea in August for you – (Or maybe I could ship it in a SororiTea Sisters box for you) then you would only need to add an additional $6 for shipping and $5 for the June tea.

Totally cool with the tea getting shipped together. And I just want to be really clear; I’m grabbing the reblend reward tier and adding an extra $15 for a large size of one of the campaign blends ($10) and a sample size of a June tea ($5) and then $6 for shipping? So – $21 in total, and the cost of the reblend tier?

Correct, just add an additional $21 to the reblend tier. Thank you!

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cookies said

Could you give me a little more info for the June 15th base? Roasted at all, pouchong, medium oxidation… etc. Thanks :)

@Cookies: I haven’t completely decided on the base. It is between the Tie Guan Yin that I’ll use for the Maple Cheesecake blend, or it might be a Wuyi Rock Oolong which is somewhat woodsy and fruity and as I was testing it, I thought it would meld nicely with the flavor profile of that tea. So, I’ll test the flavor on both bases to see which I like best.

cookies said

Okay, thanks. If you decide before the campaign is over I’d love an update!

I will let you know as soon as I know!

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Jillian said

Hmm, do I want to go for the choose-the-reblend option or do I want the reblend sampler + samples of June’s teas option? *ponders *

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Uniquity said

More than halfway! It would be so great if you actually broke the 10k this time, hehe!

I totally agree, @Uniquity! I’d be a seriously happy girl!

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