Edited Topic: How should I approach a tea return here?

So… I ordered a fairly inexpensive 100 g package of houjicha from O-Cha, which I know is a well-regarded company where several of you have shopped. It was packaged from Japan in a padded envelope rather than a box, and it’s the first houjicha I haven’t liked immediately because it’s like…dusty ashes. It doesn’t even have the almond flavor I like in the other houjichas I’ve tried. I think the amount of dust may have something to do with the packaging.

So what should I do? I had a decent coupon for this, and I would rather not go to the trouble of shipping something back to Japan. Should I ask for a replacement? I don’t even know if I want this particular tea replaced, if this is what it’s normally like. Should I ask for a partial refund but keep the tea?

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Searching through their FAQ, I could not see anything related to dissatisfaction regarding taste. They do replacements, but I think that is only if things get lost and whatnot. I think your best bet is to contact them directly and explain it to them. They ought to do partial credit/refund if anything.

Too bad you didn’t like it! I have never had any hojicha from o-cha, but their matcha and sincha are really nice! You should post it to the stash sales or swap thread, and perhaps change the packaging it came in, just to let it shrug off any unwanted flavors. I hate when this kind of thing happens!

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I doubt they will have you send it back. It’s not worth them paying return postage.

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boychik said

I dont know if you can return or ask for exchange simply because you didnt like it. its not tea for you, but its not the reason for return.

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Yeah, but… I don’t think it’s just that I don’t like it. There’s a TON of dust in it, which makes me wonder if it got damaged because it was shipped in a padded envelope instead of a box. I am guessing that makes it seem darker and more like ashes than it would with less dust. I don’t know how much dust is too much, or how to tell for sure if it was damaged in the mail or if I just don’t like it. But this is much more dust than I’ve seen in other houjichas. It’s also cheaper than what I’ve paid for others, so is that to be expected?

You could try sending them a picture of the tea, and asking if that’s normal for it or if it looks off.

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AllanK said

If you paid for whole leaf tea and got dust you may have a case. If you simply don’t like it, well then its up to them. It depends on how much they want your business.

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Cwyn said

Houjicha has a range from a more powdery texture to whole leaf. However, I think you have a legitimate complaint in the packaging. I would email them and say your package was damaged due to the envelope.

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