Astreigha said

For a limited time buy the Davids Tea Logo Perfect Mug and get a free 50G bag of Taffy Terror

Until November 1, when you buy the Perfect DAVIDsTEA Mug you will get a free 50-gram bag of Taffy Terror, a haunting blend of green tea, apricot and caramel.

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Their new limited edition Fall collection looks awesome too!

25g each of Pumpkin Chai, Café Mocha (organic), Geisha Plum (organic), Lemon Cream Pie, Cocoa Paradiso (organic), Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and Banana Nut Bread

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Spirals said

OK I was suckered into this because this is the perfect mug for my DH (it will look like a personalized mug when he uses it!!).

I don’t know anything about these teas – are they any good?

I ordered Green Tea: Sencha Ashikubo, Lavender Zen, Some Velvet Morning, and Pitta Ayurvedic tea. Oh and some Agave stix to throw the order over $50 so that I could get free shipping.

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