Cobwebs in my tin!

I am dead serious.

I bought a few ounces of tea in September, drank it maybe twice, and forgot about it. I went to make a cup last night, and the thing was coated in cobwebs! I checked the rest of my collection, and it’s the only tin that has the webbing. I called the retailer, and they were equally mortified, and will be exchanging it for me.

The tea is in an airtight tin. I sent the tea through a strainer and didn’t find anything that might have made them. I do know our pantry has moth problems – are they the culprit, perhaps? I just… don’t understand what happened…

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cookies said

I would assume moths if you’ve had a problem previously. But I’m not sure how they got into an airtight tin… Maybe there was something in there when you received it?

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Uniquity said

I’ve never had moths, but I’ve heard about it online. I dunno if I’m lucky or they don’t hang out in Nova Scotia. Either way, perhaps something got in there when it was opened at some point? Occasionally insects and their remnants are found in tea. If everything else is safe, that is good news. Chuck the yucky and try out the replacement tea! I’m impressed they replaced it. Now you get fresh tea, sans cobwebs!

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I have to ask, was it Teavana?

HAH! No, thank goodness. I’m a partner at Starbucks, I can’t imagine the hell I would live if Teavana products got contaminated.

Oh so you can get us a discount! (kidding)

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I one time had cobwebs in one of my teas, upon closer inspecting it was actually a moth…it could have gotten in at my place (unlikely since I did not open the pouch after I got it from the store) or it could have been a microscopic egg laid in the organic material.

I just scooped the cocooned part out and drank the rest, because eh, yolo :P

Well, and boiling water in many cases.

It was an orange ginger puerh, so I booked the crap out of it!

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