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SarsyPie said

Wow… not pretty at all.

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I just finished posting a reply when I saw this thread. sheesh. No wonder I hated my sales job in High School.

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Cwyn said

To me the details don’t really sound so different from other franchises. Some are more high pressure than others, and some people thrive on that model (goal oriented) and others don’t.

I think it is about how to make it fun and that can come down to the manager. Locally we have a convenience store that has the same type of goal sales, hard to achieve goals. One manager decided to approach his “sell 500 one dollar cheeseburgers in one day” goal by posting a sign saying if the store met the goal, he and other men at the store would dress in women’s clothing. My small town found that funny, and everyone bought the cheeseburgers. The guys dressed up in dresses and heels and even pumped gas for the customers. Everyone got a big kick out of it.

You’re so right about franchises. I worked at David’s Tea for all of a month and hated it. I’ve heard from so many people who had a great experience working there. After giving it some thought, it was my manager that ruined it for me rather than the job itself or the company.

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Ost said

Uh…and you kinda probably should keep in mind that not every Teavana is like a hell hole…I know people who work at the one in my city and they loved their job. Wasn’t at all like this person is talking about…
Pretty much all the Teavanas I’ve been to aren’t pushy and are actually nice and stuff. They don’t just push you into buying tons of stuff or tell you lies about the product and stuff. Sometimes misinformation, but hey, I got bad info on teas at Lupicia too, sooo xD

And I second what Cwyn says! It sucks that this person didn’t work at a good Teavana. Just need to keep in mind that Teavana isn’t the only chain that probably doesn’t treat/train their employees the best…

Also, considering that you are getting 2oz of tea for what 7 bucks maybe, isn’t that bad considering all. For their unflavored teas they’re totally a rip off. But for like their herbals and stuff, that’s really not that bad…And considering how often they have sales, you really don’t have to over-spend all that much, in my opinion.
But that’s just my opinion. In my teeny tiny boat. xD

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AllanK said

I bought that Glass Perfect Tea Maker she says is made of Tritan Copolymer, seems like glass to me. It works great though so its better than the plastic version.

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It’s interesting, I’ve gone into my local mall shop many, many times, and I’ve never experienced the upselling. I usually try samples and end up not buying anything, which… I hope employees are not getting in trouble for that. I do buy the rock sugar regularly, but that’s about it. No one has ever pressured me to buy anything else.

Depends on the store.. I had this experience in one store, but not a second location. I actually get ignored a lot at my local store which makes me not want to buy anything.

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