On the Hunt. . .Looking for 52Teas. . .

Hello all!

This may be a long shot-but I am currently looking for any 52Teas that peeps may be willing to sell to me or swap with me for. I am not a fan of red rooibos but anything else- I would love to take off of your hands. . . I would particularly love any Graveyard Mist (my ultimate fav tea) that anybody has or the Peach Blackberry Crumble.

Thanks all!

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Hi Nichole!

I’ve got quite a few different teas from them – not sure that I still have Graveyard Mist or Peach Blackberry Crumble but I’ll send you some of what I do have when I put together a Sororitea box for you …hopefully next month?

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That would be fantastic!!! Thank you!!

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Dustin said

You did see that Graveyard Mist was one of the reblends for their Kickstarter, yes? $10 for 1.5-2oz bag. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497705217/the-52teas-reboot-we-are-making-extraordinary-teas

Thanks, Dustin! :)

I did and actually pledged to get at least 4 of the larger sized bags of it and will probably up my pledge to get more. I just didn’t know if anybody had any 52Teas they wanted to clear out of their stash and recoup some of their money for it. Thanks tho!

Dustin said

Ah ok, so full hoarding mode? i’ve been there! :)

Yep :) And just to see if anybody wanted to get rid of anything they had. Tea hoarders unite! :)

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