Do you enjoy going to Afternoon Tea?

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If you have a Ritz-Carlton nearby, try theirs. My wife used to work for Ritz Carlton so I know from personal experience how much time and effort they put into each service. The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix actually has a tea sommelier (and he sings too.) Each year, they also offer “Teddy Bear Tea” around the holidays which usually sells out by October. This is a special tea for the kids where they get to dress up and have tea while surrounded by 100s of stuffed animals.

Personally, I’d enjoy “taking tea” if it wasn’t always so frilly. I think I’d be better suited to something Russian or Eastern European in style over traditional English tea.

Thank you for your response!

My young son has been to tea many times, but we have never tried the Teddy Bear Tea at the Ritz——I’ll look into that—thanks!!

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ashmanra said

I LOVE afternoon tea! There is only one place in my town to go, but there are several in nearby towns. I have not been to ANY of them! LOL! But only because they are either too far away or too expensive. Afternoon tea is right here in my home. My daughters and I have a tea time at least once a week for at least one friend who joins us and sometimes more. The menu varies, but is often a special cookie plate. When we have a new guest or special occasion we may have a fruit or veggie plate, cheese, or breads with jams.

This sounds lovely! You inspired me to have a simple snack in the afternoon with tea & make it something a bit more special. My young son & I did just that yesterday afternoon.

Thanks for the lovely suggestion!

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