Males on Steepster?

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spohkh said

Vir sum! Being a yogi, I feel the same way when I am doing group yoga. I’m sure women feel the same way in motor oil blogs. =)

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IdentiTEA said

“Not that I mind being surrounded by women, of course.” I was going to say… surely you are not complaining! Haha… ;)

I would love to drink tea in the presences of something other than an avatar and a screen name (and a cat)… more specially the presence of a male. The reason for that is, other than them making the surroundings more aesthetically pleasing, males’ taste in tea seem to be similar to mine (Asian style)… instead of the girly, frilly, flowery crap (NOT to say that all girls are like that). However, to my dismay, the only “tea parties” around my neighborhood are either pink or political… sigh

I can see what you’re saying about the tea parties. I was pretty surprised when my friends in highschool would actually want to come to my place for the sole reason of having tea (granted, I make my tea room pretty nice.) And it’s definitely been nice when I had hotties of the opposite gender at my tea table…
I can see as well, the difference in taste – much of the tea logs I’ve noticed on here seem to involve a lot of fruity, attractively flavored blends, something I’d hardly dabble in. Also, in my own family, (when they do all drink tea…) my mother and sister tend to prefer the more…fashionable teas, though I suppose that has to do with their origins and interests in Europe, while my father drinks little other than Dragonwell.

Cofftea said

Nothing wrong w/ Dragonwell:)

IdentiTEA said

What gets me is that in the East (particularly China and Japan) women were not allowed to participate in the tea ceremonies until just a few centuries ago. Before that, virgin women harvested the tea (something about being pure and blah blah blah) and men processed, brewed, and served it.

I am glad that is not the case today.

Shanti said

Every time I hear “tea baggers” I (after giggling immaturely) think “stop defiling tea with your craziness!”

IdentiTEA said

Right! At the end of March I am giving a presentation about tea in one of my college classes. I am purposely going to say “bagged tea” instead of “tea bags” in order to avoid a classroom full of giggles. ;)

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Branden S said

male bipedal primate checking in

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Keemun said


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AJ said


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Quixim said

Hooray being a man!

My university has a 3:1 girls to guys ratio here, so I feel like a piece of meat sometimes.

Wow. That must really suck. LOL.

By the way, guys, please do check out our new brand/website: Man Teas /

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