Fake Ratings!

Please check out this tea, which “suddenly” popped up as the #1 rated tea on Steepster:

Looks like the company Tiesta Tea created a bunch of fake users and rated their own tea really well.

Admins, is it possible to delete this?

Tiesta tea, you aren’t fooling anyone…

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I should add… this wasn’t the only tea that was highly rated by Tiesta teas that appeared on the 1st page on the same day….

Cofftea said

Ya know… TeaEqualsBliss did say she noticed a lot of newbies today…

teatoad said

nice…they only rated their own teas.

Aggggggg! That’s NOT cool!!!!!

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Jason select said

Yea, looking into it now…

How do I send you a private message? Do you have to follow me?

Cofftea said

JASON’S BACK AGAIN! Sorry this is what got you back on the boards, but glad to have you back anyway. I was just going to suggest someone PM Jack or Mike but I didn’t know if they’d take care of it.

Welcome back Jason!

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Jaime said

Thanks for pointing this out, Shinobicha. I’ll admit, their teas are something that I would have tried…until the fake ratings were pointed out. Will now avoid this company!

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Tabby said

I’m with Jaime. There’s something sketch about this. I will not be trying their teas now…

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I’ve noticed this on a less-suspicious level on a few other teas. Less widely known companies with several high ratings from barely-used accounts… Hmm.

I have seen this as well!

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B said

That’s pretty lame of them. I looked at that tea too and it seemed really interesting…before I realised what the company was doing!

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Mel said

I agree, I will avoid business with them. Not cool…

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Ditto and also so nice to see you on the board again Jason. I really hope things are settling down for you now.

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sozz06 said

Hey guys, I apologize for getting you guys all upset over this. We didn’t realize that this is not how this site should be used. After checking out this site it seemed to me that it was a very good tea lover blog and thought that our employees and friends would enjoy this and sent out an e-mail to join. Obviously when we posted one of our teas everyone that joined commented and rated the tea since they all drank it and wanted to see our tea ranked high. I will pass on not too abuse the site and use it properly.

You guys should give us a second shot, try our teas and forgive us for an honest mistake.

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Wow! Sorry for having offended you all.

However, none of these ratings were fake. We are all real individuals expressing our individual opinions. Some of us are indeed affiliated with Tiesta Tea, but that does not mean that our ratings are inaccurate or fabricated. We love the product that we provide. We have all tried many of Tiesta’s brews, and I think that all of us can honestly say it is some of the best tea we have ever had(I know I can).

I don’t think there should be an issue with members of your website recommending the website to others. If all of those people that happen to be recommended to join the site also happen to drink a similar kind of tea; what reason is that to censor their critiques? Surely this is a public forum for expressing opinions, so why imply that my opinion matters less than that of others’? :(

it’s more like when a blogger gets free samples to review they are supposed to declare that as they may have vested interest. But thanks for clarifying

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