Is there a difference here?

I’m wondering if these two bings are the same or different. If they are the same, why the price difference? Here are the links to each one.

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They are the same, but they are produced by yunnansourcing themselves.

Tealyra had to get their cakes from YS and must sell at a markup, of course.

If you buy from YS you can get the cake closer from the source, and save money.

Be mindful however that when buying pu’er tea you’re also paying for the storage it has been through. Two of the same cakes can end up very different over the years!

That doesnt really apply here though, since it’s young shupu.

That’s the thing I’m stumped about. Yunnan sourcing has it at $98 and tealyra has it for $39.50. Less than Half. No markup. Big price difference.

YS has it for $16… $98 is for 1 tong (7 cakes).

Yunnansourcing has it at $16, the $98 price is per stack of 7 cakes.

Edit; Oops, LP beat me to it! Yay for (near)simultaneous answers!

Now I see that. Thank you so very much. I missed that.

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