Happy to coordinate group orders ...

Hey all,

I’ve seen (and posted) a few group buy discussions, and I’m curious if people want any help or advice running or managing them. I’m also happy to lend my services — coordinating payments, buying, packing, and shipping tea in custom quantities is what I do for fun. :)

You’re also welcome to hit me up over e-mail if you’d rather do things that way: [email protected].


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I think the biggest difference is that the rest of us don’t charge a fee for doing it.

Of course! That’s how this thing got started in the first place — just handling all the logistics of group buys for my friends. It’s evolved since then, but the fundamental bits about handing tea and money and postage are all the same.

I really don’t mean to step on toes here; it’s just an open offer for people who are curious about running group buys, or want some help. No purchase necessary. :)

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