wombatgirl said

Where should I go in San Francisco?

I’m going to San Francisco for Christmas – which tea shops other than Samovar should I check out? (I know I’ll be at Samovar!)

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takgoti said


Well, you know I’d tell you to go to Samovar straight away, but it seems you’re planning to take care of that!

Let’s see…

There’s a Lupicia in Westfield that’s worth stepping into. They’re set up kind of like a Teavana, so it’s not really a “tea bar,” per se, but they do have a lot of tea and typically have samples out.

I’m not sure how you’re planning on getting around, but 4th Street in Berkeley is absolutely worth a visit [you can get there via BART + bus/cab] if only because it’s gorgeous and they have good shopping. However, Teance is also out there and I have heard that it is pretty amazing. It’s a bit of a trek from SF proper, so I didn’t make it out there last time, but if you have the time I’d go. [Also, if you do go to Berkeley and you have a few extra bucks I would absolutely, ABSOLUTELY hop up to Solano Ave and eat at Vanessa’s Bistro. It is just…beyond. So good.]

That’s all I’ve got. Have you looked at Places? I’m sure others will be chiming in shortly, no doubt.

Oh, and if you drink coffee at all, it would be a crime not to visit Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is worth going to regardless if you haven’t been there before. Not sure how familiar you are with San Francisco and its environs!

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I’ll second takgoti’s suggestion that if you like coffee, go to Blue Bottle :) I loved it there. I don’t have any other tea suggestions, but I was in SF just last year, so if you’d like to hear about the things I really enjoyed doing in SF drop me a PM!

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Check the ratings on either TeaGuide and/or TeaMap. They are, like, bibles to me.

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wombatgirl said

Just as a bit of background – my moms live in SF, so I get to go every few years. Unfortunately, my “tea awakening” happened after the last time I was out there.

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Frolic select said

Leland tea! http://www.lelandtea.com/

Oh and having tea at Numi’s is quite the experience.

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LauraR said

I think Market Street might be on the Oakland side, but I think they carry lots of Mariage Freres…

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